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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the City of Ann Arbor's Data Catalog website.  This site is part of our ongoing commitment to enhance citizen participation and local government transparency.  We are pleased to make City datasets freely available to the public in machine-readable formats.

We expect the Data Catalog site to grow over time as we add additional datasets.  By downloading the data, you are agreeing to the Policies and Notices.  When creating these datasets the City has been careful to respect privacy and security concerns.

Washtenaw County has now created it's own GIS Data Portal for the community to use when looking for County spatial datasets and web mapping applications.

For questions or comments concerning the City of Ann Arbor Data Catalog please contact the City's IT Director at 734.794.6550 and remember you can find our interactive maps at the City Maps​ site.

If you have suggestions for new datasets or enhancements to existing datasets please send your request to [email protected].


 Ag​ency/Unit Metadata CSV PDF DOCRSS/
AAGISAddress Points
​​​AAGIS Building Footprints
AAGIS ​Catch Basins
AAGIS City Boundary
AAGIS City Owned Land
AAGIS DDA Boundary 
AAGIS Floodplain
AAGIS Floodway
AAGIS Future LandUse
​AAGIS ​Greenbelt Boundary
AAGIS Greenbelt Properties
AAGIS Historic Districts
AAGIS Hydrants
AAGIS Neighborhoods
AAGIS Non City Open Spaces
AAGIS Polling Locations
AAGIS Schools
AAGIS​ Streetlights
AAGIS University
AAGIS Wards and Precincts
AAGIS Watershed/Creekshed
AAGIS Zip Codes
AAGIS Zoning Districts
City Clerk City Clerk Permits      
Communications Office Public Meetings and City Events Calendar
Finance and Administrative Services Budget Worksheet - Expenses
Finance and Administrative Services Budget Worksheet - Revenues
Finance and Administrative Services Invoice Aging Report
Finance and Administrative Services City of Ann Arbor Monthly Investment Report
Finance and Administrative Services Expense Budget Performance Report
Finance and Administrative Services Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return
Finance and Administrative Services

Monthly Financial Council Report

Finance and Administrative Services​​
Purchase Card Transactions - Please see A2 Open Book
Finance and Administrative Services Open Purchase Orders
Finance and Administrative Services Revenue Budget Performance Report
Finance and Administrative Services Trial Balance by Fund
Finance and Administrative ServicesYTD Check Register - Please see A2 Open Book
Planning and Development Services Construction Permits
Planning and Development Services Petitions Under Review


Planning and Development Services Planning and Development Projects
​Police Department​​

Part A&B

Case Offense Information​

Group A/B Crime
​Calls for Service
Office of Sustainability and Innovation Air Quality Sensor Data
Systems Planning Rain Gauges​​ Data ​​​​
Public Works Monthly Solid Waste Totals
Water TreatmentPFAS Sampling Data ​​​​


​Agency/Unit - Agency or service unit where the data originates.

Metadata - Data and information that is used to describe datasets. 

 CSV - File format that is used by spreadsheet, database, and statistical applications.

 PDF - Portable Document Format intended for sharing documents while maintaining a document's integrity.

 DOC - Microsoft word processing file format.

 RSS/GeoRSS - Web feed format used to publish frequently updated works in a standardized format.  GeoRSS extends the RSS standard and is used for encoding location as part of a web feed.

KML/KMZ - Keyhole Markup Language is an XML-based language schema for displaying geographic annotation.

SHP - Geospatial vector shape file data format for geographic information systems software. ​