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February 6, 2023 - ​City of Ann Arbor Natural Area Preservation (NAP) works to protect and restore Ann Arbor's natural areas and to foster an environmental ethic within the community. This involves conducting plant and animal inventories, ecological monitoring, and stewardship projects in Ann Arbor parks. These tasks are performed by both staff and volunteers. NAP is sharing events planned for February and March 2023... read more »

February 2, 2023 - ​City of Ann Arbor Natural Area Preservation (NAP) will be conducting controlled ecological burns in local natural areas between February 17 and May 26. Burns are conducted on weekdays between 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. , weather permitting. On the day of... read more »

February 2, 2023 - ​The Ann Arbor 2030 District, in collaboration with the City's Office of Sustainability and Innovations (OSI), has launched a new program designed to help commercial properties in Ann Arbor and throughout the County access the benefits of clean, renewable energy. The... read more »

February 1, 2023 - ​​The City of Ann Arbor is pleased to announce that the United States Department of Transportation, through it's Safe Streets and Roads for All program, has awarded the city $3. 8 million in support of goals laid out in Ann Arbor's Vision... read more »

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