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The 15th District Court will be closed Wednesday, December 11th until 9:00 am for an all staff meeting. 

New in July 2019

The 15th District Court is now able to offer text reminders on traffic, criminal and civil cases for court hearing dates or payment due dates to those who want them.  Hearing reminders are sent 2 business days prior to the hearing.  Payment reminders are sent 3 business days prior to the due date.  Individuals can sign up for the service with the Court Clerk’s Office in-person or over the phone or by filling out a Reminders sign-up form when appearing in a courtroom.  Once a phone number is entered into the system, the subscriber will receive an initial text message to confirm he or she would like to receive reminders.  “Yes” activates the system to send additional texts.  The service can be terminated at any time by speaking with a clerk or by replying “Stop” to one of the reminder texts.  Non-public cases are excluded as are any phone number that does not contain a US or Canadian area code. 

New in February 2019

Beginning Monday, February 11, 2019, the 15th Judicial District Court launched Matterhorn, an online platform, to expand access to court services.  Many people encounter barriers to appearing in-person at the courthouse, such as transportation, work schedules or family obligations.  This platform allows individuals to use a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer to request payment plans, submit pleas, and resolve bench warrants.  The system will be available for use 24/7. Please visit our Services page to access the Matterhorn platform.

About the Court:

The 15th Judicial District Court is located in downtown Ann Arbor in the Ann Arbor Justice Center. The court is presided over by three judges; the Honorable Elizabeth Hines, the Honorable Joseph F. Burke and the Honorable Karen Quinlan Valvo,  as well as one appointed magistrate, the Honorable Tamara Garwood. Daily court operations are overseen by Court Administrator Shryl Samborn.

The court is comprised of five divisions: Administration, Civil, Collections, Traffic/Criminal, and Probation. Administration is responsible for the administrative management of all non-judicial functions of the Court. The Civil Division maintains the court files for general civil, landlord-tenant, and small claims cases. The Collections Division is responsible for facilitating payment of delinquent fines, court costs and restitution. The Traffic/Criminal Division maintains the records for all traffic and criminal misdemeanors, civil infractions, ordinance violations, and University of Michigan Regents violations. The Probation Department is responsible for pre-sentence investigations, alcohol assessments, supervision, counseling, and referrals to outside assessment and treatment programs for those who are placed on probation.

The 15th Judicial District Court has jurisdiction over cases which include but are not limited to:

  • Civil Cases where the disputed amount is $25,000 or less
  • Small Claims cases where the disputed amount is $6,000 or less
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes
  • Criminal & Traffic Misdemeanors punishable by 1 year or less in jail
  • Arrest Warrant &Search Warrant Issuance
  • Ann Arbor City Ordinance Violations
  • Traffic & State Civil Infractions
  • University of Michigan Regents Ordinance Violations
  • Felony Probable Cause Conferences & Preliminary Exams 

Notice to Visitors

If you will be visiting the court, please note that all visitors to the Ann Arbor Justice Center must sucessfully pass through the security screening process to enter.  All visitors and their belongings are subject to search by Court Security Officers.  All visitors are required to pass through metal detectors.  All purses, briefcases, or other containers are required to pass through an x-ray machine.  The following items are prohibited: 

  • Weapons, e.g cutting edge instruments such as pocket knives
  • Any other items that may be construed as weapons by Court Security Officers  
  • Food & Beverages 

Please do not bring any prohibited items with you into the courthouse; leave them at home or in your vehicle.

Requests for ADA Accomodations or Foreign Language Interpreters

Please contact the court prior to your visit if you will need an ADA accomodation or a Foreign Language Interpreter. Request forms are located the court's Forms web page in the Miscellaneous section. Additional information can be found on the Local Administrative Orders web page. Questions should be directed to Court Administrator Shryl Samborn at 734.794.6757 or slsamborn@a2gov.org.      

For information regarding disability resources, including parking, please visit the City of Ann Arbor Streets, Buildings, and Parking web page

15th District Court
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