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​​What is Systems Planning?​​​

Systems Planning is a city team that is staffed by professionals from multiple disciplines. The purpose of Systems Planning is to coordinate and plan for the development and maintenance of city systems.   


​​Capital Planning

Systems Planning leads and coordinates the six-year capital improvement planning​ process.  

Asset Management

Systems Planning leads the planning for infrastructure improvements and manages infrastructure asset data.  ​The team works to minimize the operating costs associated with owning and maintaining assets at the municipal level, while maintaining high levels of service to the community. 

Water Resources

The water resources team in Systems Planning works to achieve the city's water quality goals related to source water (surface and ground), drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and floodplain management.

Community Engagement

The ​community engagement team in Systems Planning facilitates various public engagement activities as part of planning and construction projects across the City.

Development Review

Systems Planning is responsible for several areas of the development review process, including utility needs, natural features, and environmental impacts. Environmental impacts encompass floodplain management, stormwater management, grading, and drainage.