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Monthly solid waste tonnages for the city of Ann Arbor, including commercial and residential sources.

Point of contact

Jennifer Petoskey, Solid Waste Outreach and Compliance Specialist

Email: [email protected]

Lineage / Sources

  • Compost: City of Ann Arbor's Paradigm Scale
  • Recycling: Recycle Ann Arbor's Paradigm Scale
  • Trash: City of Ann Arbor's Paradigm Scale, Waste Management reporting (for commercial trash)

Data file is regenerated nightly and includes the latest month for which all data has been ingested.  Trash data from Waste Management must be manually entered and is usually the limiting factor in publishing.

Staff may adjust records affecting previously-published months if opportunities emerge to improve the precision of those values.  In the event of changing results, the latest / current values should take precedence over older versions of this spreadsheet.

Column Definitions

  • MaterialCategory: the type of solid waste
  • FiscalYear: the city's fiscal year (runs July 1-June 30)
  • CalendarYear: calendar year
  • QuarterFiscalYear: quarter of city's fiscal year
  • FiscalYearAndQuarter: fiscal year and quarter
  • Month: numeric value of month
  • NetTN_Month: solid waste total for the month, in tons
  • MonthlyPercentage: percentage of the month's solid waste belonging to this MaterialCategory
  • NetTN_QuarteR: solid waste total for the quarter, in month
  • QuarterlyPercentage: percentage of the quarter's solid waste belonging to this MaterialCategory
  • NetTN_Annual: solid waste total for the fiscal year, in tons
  • AnnualPercentage: percentage of the fiscal year's solid waste belonging to this MaterialCategory
  • Population: City of Ann Arbor's population during this month (source)
  • Pounds_Monthly_Per_Capita: computed by dividing the monthly total of this MaterialCategory in pounds (NetTN_Month x 2,000) by Population