Expense Budget Performance Report Metadata

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This dataset contains a summary of expenditures vs. budget for the City of Ann Arbor for the current fiscal year.  The report is organized by Fund, Agency, Organization, Activity and Function and lists the transactions posted to each account for all expenditure accounts of the City. This report is updated monthly. The Financial & Budget Planning Services Unit is part of Financial and Administrative Services Area. For information about specific transactions, please contact the person listed below.

Point of contact

Kim Buselmeier, Budget & Finance Supervisor
301 E. Huron St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
734.794.6000, extension 45105
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am-5pm

Data accuracy

 This report is a download from the City’s financial system.




  • Account Number and Description

  • The account number and description associated with this data.
  • Adopted Budget

The adopted budget for the current fiscal year excluding multi-year project carry-forward budgets.

  • Budget Amendments

The budget amendments approved throughout the fiscal year including the multi-year project carry-forward budgets.

  • Amended Budget

The current Expenditure Budget as amended by City Council.

  • Current Month Transactions

Expenditures for the current month.

  • YTD Encumbrances

Encumbrances for the current fiscal year.

  • YTD Transactions

  • Encumbrances plus Expenditures for the fiscal year through the current month.
  • Budget-YTD Transactions

  • Amended Budget less Expenditures and Encumbrances for the current fiscal year.
  • % Used
  • The percentage of the budget spent or committed.

  • Prior Year Total

The total amount spent in the prior year.