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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All development projects listed in Table 5.29 ‐1 of the Unified Development Code (UDC) are required to undergo the site plan review and approval process. In the City of Ann Arbor all site plans are reviewed and approved by either the Planning Manager, the City Planning Commission , or the City Council depending on the scope of work/work program/proposed activity. This process ensures that the proposed development, land use, or activity meets the standards for approval in the UDC. The site plan review process was recently amended and is effective January 30, 2022.  

Summary of Development Projects that Require Site Plan Review

  • Rezoning applications - a site plan, area plan or conceptual PUD plan is required along with a rezoning application 
  • Special exception use applications - a site plan is required along with an application for a special exception use
  • Certain additions to existing buildings with five or more dwelling units or non-residential uses
  • New construction that results in: five or more dwelling units; residential building(s) in non-residential districts; new non-residential building(s); new or replacement Wireless Communications Tower(s) Certain sidewalk, parking or street construction, rearrangement, reconfiguration, or removal
  • Certain accessory buildings, structures, canopies, decks, patios, plazas or outdoor storage on properties with  five or more dwelling units or that are not zoned residential
  • Changes to approved Natural Feature plans on properties with five or more dwelling units or that are not zoned residential​

For a complete/detailed list see UDC Table 5.29 ‐1 (PDF)

Before you begin to conceptualize your project, please visit the Planning for Sustainability​ page to consider those aspe​cts of development that can be considered early to make your project resilient and efficient.​

Site Plan Rev​​iew Process

The table below outlines the Site Plan Review Process steps to take before submitting a project application. See the Site Plan Revie​​w Process​ (PDF) for information on the entire review process from pre-submittal through approval.

Site Plan Review Pro​cess ​Steps 1- 4

Step 1: Schedule Development Concept Meeting with Planning Staff
At this meeting applicants will:

  • Learn about the ​Site Plan Review Process​​ (PDF)
  • Ask questions about your project
  • Receive early feedback on your development concept
  • Determine your project's Citizen Participation Ordinance requirement (if any) ​

To schedule a concept meeting with staff please fill out our Concept Meeting Request Form.

Staff contact: [email protected]

​Resources if applicable:

Step 2: Prepare Project Application 

  • Complete/plan your  Citizen Participation Ordinance requirement (if any)
  • Use the Site Plan​ Review Checklist​ to assemble your complete application package​​​

Step 3: Schedule Pre-Submission Meeting with Planning Staff

**As of February 14, 2023, applications for most planning projects will require a Pre-Submission Meeting application in STREAM to begin. After the Pre-Submission Meeting, staff will unlock the correct applications with unique links accessible to the STREAM accounts of project team members. Please also note that the Pre-Submission Meeting date is not the same as, and will not satisfy the need to submit project applications by the Application Deadline date indicated on this page**
At this meeting applicants will:

  • Review the project application and plan in detail with staff
  • Confirm project fees and required applications

After the Pre-Submission Meeting:​

Create a STREAM​​ account. ​

Reference the STREAM User Help Guide for creating an account. 

Step 4: Submit Application

All materials (application, plans, supporting documents, citizen participation report, etc.) must be electronically filed online by noon on the review cycle deadline.

Applicants should contact the Engineering Department​ prior to the application deadline to determine if paper copies of plans are required. ​

Staff will typically review the submitted application within five business days of the submittal deadline to confirm acceptance and review commencement or additional required information.  ​At this time applicants will be invoiced.  Applicants can pay invoices online via credit card or bank account.


2023 Application Deadlines Dates

Applications that have a public hearing prior to approval such as site plans, rezoning petitions, and special exception use petitions for either Planning Commission or City Council approval, ​will be processed for review at noon on the third Thursday of each month. This year, the third Thursdays are: 

  • January 19
  • February 16
  • March 16
  • April 20
  • May 18
  • June 15
  • July 20
  • August 17
  • September 21
  • October 19
  • November 16
  • December 21
Applications that do not need a public hearing for approval, such as site plans for Planning Manager approval and land divisions/transfers, are processed upon submittal. ​

Forms and A​​pplications

Below are links to information and application forms for annexing property into the City of Ann Arbor from Scio, Pittsfield, or Ann Arbor Townships. Annexation is required of properties that request City water or sanitary sewer service. This information generally applies to owners of single- or two-family dwellings or vacant residential lots. To request annexation of property other than single- or two-family, contact Planning & Development Services at [email protected].

Brownfield Policy

Citizen Participation

Planning Services has enacted a series of temporary modifications to Citizen Participation Guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic and related orders.  These modifications provide for virtual citizen participation meetings to be held in advance of any planning petitions, as required by ordinance.  We recommend you contact staff to ensure your plan will meet these expectations, or if you have any questions about this process.

Land Divisions

Site Plans and Area Plans

Street and Right-of-Way Vacations

City Review of Public/Charter School Site Plans

  Rezoning, PUD's, Special Exception Uses​


Last Updated: 7-3-2023​