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​​​​​​​​​​The Engineering department is responsible for designing and constructing utility, roadway, and sidewalk​ projects; coordinating and inspecting the utility and public roadway​​ work of developers; and optimizing traffic flow through the City. ​

Engineering staff guide projects from conception to completion, working closely with residents and the community before and during projects. These projects include road reconstruction/resurfacing, sidewalk repair/replacement, bridge maintenance and utility replacements. ​

Choosing streets for resurfacing and repaving

Principles of the City's Pavement Asset Management Plan guide the selection process for street construction. Limiting factors include available funding and the need for other infrastructure/utility improvements.​

Crosswalk​ design guideli​​nes

The purpose of this project was to engage​ the public about concerns about ​crosswalk inconsistencies, learn more about community preferences for crosswalks, and share city guidelines. ​​