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​​​​​​​UDC: Unified Development Code

The Unified Development Code was adopted on July 16, 2018.  It replaces portions of Chapter 47 and all of Chapters 55, 56, 57, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, and 104 as well as the Land Development Regulations. 

Download and print a copy of the 4th edition, effective November 17, 2019:  Unified Development Code 4th Edition 11-17-2019​ (PDF) 


When the UDC is amended, it is changed or added to. Listed below are the approved amendments to date.

Ordinance No. ORD-18-20 An amendment to list Special Exception Uses as Type I Citizen Participation Projects Approved: August 23, 2018

Ordinance No. ORD-19-15 An amendment to create Temporary Outdoor Activity, Short Term Car Storage, and Medium Term Car Storage as new uses, provide use specific standards for each, and allow the uses in the P (Parking) district.  Approved: June 3, 2019

Ordinance No. ORD-19-16 An amendment to define, provide requirements for, and specify zoning districts in which Mobile Food Vending services may operate on private property in the City of Ann Arbor.  Approved:  June 3, 2019

Ordinance No. ORD-19-17 An amendment to create a front porch setback exception.  Approved: July 1, 2019

Ordinance No. ORD-19-26 Amendments to the Permitted Use Table, Parkland Donations, Dimensional Standards Table, and a Front Lot Line definition. Approved August 19, 2019

Ordinance No. ORD-19-27 An amendment to add accessory restaurants to the O district.  Approved September 3, 2019

Ordinance No. ORD-19-28 An amendment to the dimensional standards table. Approved September 3, 2019

Ordinance No. ORD-19-32  An Ordinance to Amend Sections 5.15, 5.16.3, 5.19.2, and 5.37.2 of Chapter 55 (Unified Development Code) of Title V of the Code of the City of Ann Arbor (Marijuana Retailers, Marijuana Microbusinesses, Designated Marijuana Consumption Facilities) Approved October 3, 2019


 Last updated December 12, 2019


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