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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Unified Developmen​t Code

The Unified Development Code divides the City into zoning districts and contains the development standards for construction in the City, such as permitted uses, setback and height regulations, parking, landscaping and buffering, signs and fences, and the approval procedures for new construction and redevelopment. ​All development standards and regulations are provided in the UDC. 

Download a copy of the current edition here: 

8th Edition Unified Development Code (Chapter 55).

​Unpublished Amendments

​​The following ordinances to amend the UDC have been approved since the most recent edition was published and will be included in the next: ​​

  • Ordinance 23-25​: TC1 Uses and Additional Standards, effective September 24, 2023. Amends Section 5.15.1 (Table 5.15-1), Section 5.16.3.C and 5.16.3.P, Section 5.17.4 (Table 5.17-4), and Section 5.17.7. ​​​

  • Ordinance 23-32​:  Premiums, D1 and D2 FAR, effective December 24, 2023. Amends Section 5.17.4 (Table 5.17-4) and deletes Section 5.18.6. 

  • Ordinance 23-33TC1 Front Setbacks, effective December 24, 2023. Amends Section 5.10.2, and Section 5.17.4 (Table 5.17-4).  

  • Ordinance 23-37​:  Banquet Hall, Personal Services, Veterinary Uses, effective February 11, 2024. Amends Section 5.15 (Tables 5.15-1 and 5.15-2), Section 5.16.3.M and Section 5.37.2. 

  • Ordinance 23-38​:  Personal Scale SES, effective February 11, 2024. Amends Section 5.16.6.O. ​

  • Ordinance 24-02Conflicting Land Use Buffer, effective March 10, 2024. Amends Sections 5.20.3, 5.20.4 and 5.20.6.  

Related Regulations and Gu​idelines

Some regulations and policies are not part of the Ann Arbor City Code, but are still applicable to many developments.