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​Below are links to the City of Ann Arbor Building and Planning archived sites to search for large or small sized Permit and Project documents. This site contains digitized microfiche and paper records of Permits and Projects that are larger in printed size.​​​  

Please note that the transition period from eTRAKIT to STREAM means some projects may have been applied in eTRAKIT after STREAM was live, and some permit types went live in STREAM in 2021. If you are not finding the information you are looking for in one system, please check the other as well.​​​​

Archived Projects ~1930-2007

Smaller sized Permit documents can be found at this link. ​​

Larger sized Permit and Project documents can be found at this link

Get started by using the Instructions.  If you are still having problems using this site please contact the Building Department for assistance at [email protected]​​​.

NOTE: The large digital file size of some of these documents may slow down your user experience.

Projects Applied in eTRAKiT 2008-2022​​​​

These documents can be found on eT​R​AKiT.

Projects Applied in STREAM 2022-Present​

​​These documents can be found on STREAM.