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​​​​​The City Master Plan serves as a guide for public and private decision-makers regarding the future physical development of the City and for the implementation of plans, policies, and programs. 

Master Plan Elements

The master plan is composed of documents, or “elements,” that cover the City’s major geographical areas and its essential citywide facilities.  These plans provide a framework for preserving the City’s unique character, ensuring its diversity, supporting investment, and promoting desired change.   ​

On May 21, 2019 the Planning Commission approved a Master Plan Resolution confirming the following eight City Master Plan elements.

  1. Sustainability Framework (2013)​ (PDF)
  2. Land Use Element (2009) including  State Street Corridor Plan (2013) (PDF)
  3. Downtown Plan (2009)​ (PDF)
  4. Transportation Plan Update (2009)​ (PDF)
  5. Non-motorized Transportation Plan (2007) (PDF) and Update (2013) (PDF)
  6. Parks and Recreation Open Space Plan (2016) (PDF)
  7. Natural Features Master Plan (2004)  (PDF)
  8. Treeline Allen Creek Urban Trail Master Plan (2018) (PDF) 

Resource Documents

In addition to the recommendations provided in the City Master Plan, the Planning Commission relies on the resource documents below to provide additional detail for interpretation and implementation of the recommendations.  

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