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FY2024-2029 Capital Improvements Plan

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The Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) outlines a six-year schedule of public service expenditures for large, physical improvements that are permanent in nature, including the basic facilities, services, and installations needed for the community to function.​

The current CIP covers fiscal years 2024-2029 (starting July 1, 2023, and ending June 30, 2029). The FY2024-2029 CIP was approved by Planning Commission on January 4, 2023 . The City Planning Commission materials include the complete CIP report, a list of newly added projects, a project clean-up summary identifying all projects completed since the last CIP cycle, and detailed information about the prioritization metrics used in the CIP process.

FY2024-2029 CIP Quick Facts and Resources:

  • Complete listing of FY2024-2029 CIP Project Costs by Asset Category (PDF)

  • Access detailed CIP project information through an interactive mapping tool

  • 500 total projects included

  • Just under $1.2 billion of funding needed for projects within the six-year planning period

  • Just over $1.7 billion of funding is needed for the total project costs, which includes the six-year planning period plus funds spent prior to FY2024 and required funds needed after FY2029

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