General Zoning Information

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​Zoning Information

Using the Dynamic Map, you may search by Address or Zoning Section.  Then link to the individual zoning section map (PDF) for that section.  You can also pan and zoom around the map at any point for greater detail.​​


Individual Zoning Maps

The individual Zoning Section Maps are PDF documents and represent the Zoning in each section. You may​​ directly download any of the Zoning Section Maps you want.​

Please use this map image to help you find the Zoning Section Map you wish to download and find the link to the PDF map below.​

To determine the Zoning District Classification, you can use the Zoning District Abbreviations (PDF) key.







​On the mapAnn​​Arbor​​ online mapping webpage, enter the parcel address in the "Search for map features" box at the top of the screen. 
For downtown development the Zoning code may include using the Building Frontage and Downtown Character Areas maps as well. 
For parcel zoning designations, go to the City's eTRAKiT page and click on the search button under Properties. Enter some or all of the address in the search string, then click on the appropriate parcel record. The zoning designation is found by clicking on the Building and Land Use tab.


Zoning Complaints?

Questions or concerns about potential zoning, off-street parking, site plan or fence violations may be directed to Planning staff by calling 734.794.6265 or emailing [email protected].