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The following zoning reports can be completed upon request for properties within the City of Ann Arbor.

Zoning Information Report ($150.00): includes zoning classification (base and overlay districts, frontage designation), allowable use (permitted, special exception, nonconforming, not permitted), parcel requirements, floodplain category, historic district information, and open zoning violations.

Zoning Analysis Report ($275.00): includes information provided in zoning confirmation report, plus special exception use approval, site plan approvals and modifications, variances, site plan compliance (if existing condition surveys have been provided by the applicant for analysis), and responses to specific zoning questions. 
Information relate​​d to building inspection history, certificates of occupancy, or rental housing inspection reports can be obtained by submitting a Freedom of Information Act request to the City’s FOIA Coordinator.

Requesting a Zoning Information or Analysis Report

Visit www.stream.a2gov.org​

Log in or Register ​for an account. Follow the prompts.

After you've logged in or registered: Click Apply from the top banner​

​​Type in or scroll to Zoning Report Request

​​Click Apply

Apply for Plan - Zoning Report Request​

  1. Follow prompts to add the Location
  2. ​ Describe the current use of the property in the Description box
  3. Add additional applicants if needed. Be sure to specify the Billing Applicant
  4. ​Select requested Report Type: Zoning Analysis or Zoning Information
  5. ​If Zoning Analysis, include ​any Specific Questions or information requested ​
  6. ​ No attachments are required. Click Next to proceed
  7. ​ Click Submit
  8. Pay Fees ​Note: Reports will not be completed if the fees are not paid at the time of application.
Please email [email protected] for assistance​. PDF Applications are no longer accepted.