Zoning Compliance Permits

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​​Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic all Planning Services operations are taking place remotely.  We encourage applications to be submitted by email in order to avoid delay.

City Code requires a zoning review of building permit applications to make sure construction and reoccupancy changes are consistent with the Zoning Ordinance.  This review is handled by Planning staff as part of the building permit application.

The following construction pr​​ojects do not require a building permit, but require a zoning compliance permit.

Fence Permit Application ​​(PDF) Fee: $75

Zoning Compliance Permit for Sheds/Dec​​ks Application (PDF) Fee: $24 or $68

Payment Sheet (PDF)

Zoning compliance permit applications are also required for certain accessory uses and temporary outdoor sales, noted below.  To obtain this permit, complete the Zoning Application for Change of Use/Temporary Outdoor Sales​ (PDF). Temporary outdoor sales that include a tent larger than 120 square feet require a Building Permit.

  • Group day care homes
  • Automobile dealerships
  • Temporary outdoor sales (Note: if a tent larger than 120 square feet is associated with the outdoor sales, a Tent Permit Application (PDF) must be submitted to the Fire Department)
Zoning compliance permit applications should be submitted to the Permit Desk at Larcom City Hall, 301 E. Huron Street.

 Additional Zoning Information Guides

The following guides offer additional information on topics of particular interest.

Jon Barrett, Zoning Coordinator

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