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​​​​​City Code requires a zoning review of building permit applications to make sure construction and re-​occupancy changes are consistent with​ the Zoning Ordinance.  This review is handled by Planning staff as part of the building permit application. The following construction pr​​ojects do not require a building permit, but require a zoning compliance permit. ​

  • Carport [Detached] (200 sq ft or less)​
  • Fence (7 ft or less)
  • Floating/Detached Deck (200 sq ft or less)
  • Garage [Detached] (200 sq ft or less)
  • Gazebo (200 sq ft or less)
  • Greenhouse [Detached] (200 sq ft or less)
  • Pergola (200 sq ft or less)
  • Pool House [Detached] (200 sq ft or less)
  • Shed (200 sq ft or less)

Zoning Compliance Permits for certain uses:

  • Temporary Outdoor Sales
  • Temporary Tent (100-400 sq ft)
  • Change of Use
  • Home Occupation
  • Mobile Food Service

To Apply for Permits:

All Zoning Compliance permits must be submitted online using the City's new online permitting system STREAM​ (stream.a2.gov.org​). Paper applications and emailed PDFs are no longer accepted.

Work in Historic Districts
If located in a historic​ district, the projects above all require a Certificate of Appropriateness granted by staff or the Historic District Commission.  Visit the Historic Preservation Webpage for more information. Certificate of Appropriate Applications should be submitted at the same time or before the Zoning Compliance Permit. ​​​

Additional Zoning Information Guides

The following guides offer additional information on topics of particular interest.