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​Since 1973, CTN has provided free television production workshops to residents and non-profit organizations and created local cable programming about our community. CTN is one of the oldest access television operations in the country and has experienced a dynamic  and productive existence. Today, CTN offers a variety of media workshops to community members and local programming on Comcast cable channels 16, 17, 18 and 19, on AT&T channel 99, as well as live online streaming and video on demand content. 

CTN is funded via cable franchise fees, which are the compensation paid to the local franchising agency (the City of Ann Arbor) for use of rights of way which is used in the deployment of the cable system. Franchise fees are capped at 5 percent by Federal law, however, the Federal law also allows for additional fees that can be used for Public, Educational and Government (PEG) channels and communication services. In the City of Ann Arbor, the PEG fee paid by cable operators is 2 percent. CTN does not receive City of Ann Arbor general fund revenue.

Franchise agreements between the City of Ann Arbor and cable operators are non-exclusive, thererfore, any cable provider may negotiate with the City of Ann Arbor to offer cable service. Currently, AT&T and Comcast have franchise agreements to offer cable service in Ann Arbor.   

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