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​​Want to submit a show for playback on CTN Channel 17 in the An​n Arbor Area? ​No problem just follow these steps

  • A Residency Verification Card (RVC) and a signed Application for Presentation must be filed and a program submitted before any playback time will be scheduled.
  • Programs are accepted during CTN business hours of 11am- 9pm. After hours they can be dropped off in Programming Box outside CTN.
  • Digital Files submitted must have a signed Application for Presentation form sent the same day.
  • Each submission must:
    • Contain exactly 4 seconds of black both immediately preceding and following the program
    • Be in the Standard Definition (SD) format (720x480, 4:3, NTSC)
    • Be a .mpg file and upload​ed to your Dropbox account or a flash drive (if digital)
  • The premiere ​will occur no less than 2 weeks and no more than 4 weeks from date of submission.
  • For public access programming questions or concerns​​​ please email ckuras@a2gov.org.