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​​Put trash in its place 

Help us reduce contamination, divert landfill waste and keep our beloved green spaces free from litter.

Did you know that some Ann Arbor parks have Compost, Recycle and Landfill stations? You will find them at Fuller Park, Gallup Park, Island Park, Bandemer Park and Furstenburg Nature Area. Staff are excited to announce more locations in 2023. The recycling and compost season runs seasonally from April through October. 

Landfill and recycling carts: 

Allmendinger Park, Argo Nature Area, Bandemer Park, Buhr Park, Burns Park, Clinton Park Cobblestone, Fuller Park, Furstenberg Nature Area, Glacier Highlands Park, Hunt Park, Island Park, Mary Beth Doyle Park, Olsen Park, Southeast Area Park, Swift Run Dog Park, Veterans Memorial Park, Wheeler Park and West Park.

​Leave no trace

The Ann Arbor Park Services Unit manages over 160 park properties and while most mowed park areas have trash receptacles, they also may be at the perimeter of the park for collection efficiency. This means there may be some walking required but your efforts to be a part of the solution, not the pollution, by getting the trash in the container is appreciated. In parks or nature areas where trash receptacles are not available, we ask that you bring out any trash you bring in. Garbage in, garbage out.

Please note

Curbside cart rules also apply to Ann Arbor park carts. 

Dog poop goes into landfill bins.

Never put hot coals in the containers. 

If you have pick up issues or overflowing carts, please submit a request at  or visit trash, recycling and compost​ for information on city wide trash topics. 

If you live or work in the City of Ann Arbor, print your own compost or recycle guides to inspire less waste and more awareness when disposing of the trash.  

Volunteer with us

GIVE 365, the volunteer and outreach program within parks, hosts many community litter pick up events in various parks. If you have a group interested in volunteering with us or you are interested in Trash Trailblazing and picking up litter on your walk in your own time, reach out to [email protected] for more information.







This page was last edited in January of 2021. For any incorrect or outdated information, please email [email protected].