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​​​​​​​​​​​Reuse in Ann Arbor

Searchable Databases:

The City of Ann Arbor has an interactive map tool on our Circular Economy page that lists the many different stores that participate in contributing towards reusing instead of throwing away. ​

The Sustainable Moving/De-cluttering Guide​ is an easy place to find sustainable alternatives to throwing your stuff away including easily decluttering​ your home.

For more reuse tips, please check out Washtenaw County's Trash to Treasure Guide​.

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Reuse Stores

Below is a list of some sto​res that reuse.​

Ann Arbor District Library, Main Branch

  • ​​Accepts books, cds, and DVDs for Friends of the Library Book Store. Deliver to the loading dock during library hours.

Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop 

  • ​Accepts and sells furniture, household goods, small appliances, 
    jewelry, antiques, clothing, toys, books and media. Funds support of Ann Arbor Public Schools. Call for free furniture pickup.​​​

Ann Arbor T​hrift Shop

  • ​​Accepts and sells clothing, jewelry, antiques, books, furniture, and small household items.  Donations accepted at the blue side door. 

Drop-Off Station

  • ​Recycles appliances, computers, televisions and most electronics. Some fees may apply.​

The Scrap Box

  • Accepts and sells craft items from industrial discards. Public welcome to bring in craft supplies, film canisters, corks, seashells and baby food jars.

U of M Dispo Direct

  • Sells items no longer being used by the University of Michigan such as furniture, electronics, sports items, equipment, etc.

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When items are no longer wanted, one of the best options is to donate it so it can be used again by another person. Here is a list of some organizations that accept donated items:​

Food Gatherers

  • ​Call or check web site for food and personal care item donation guidelines.

Friends in Deed

  • Provides free, good condition furniture and cars to the ​​under-resourced of Washtenaw County.

Goodwill of Southeastern Michigan 

  • Accepts clothing, household items, toys, furniture, and small appliances.  Accepts computers for recycling.
Habitat for Humanity ReStore

  • Accepts and sells building materials, tools, appliances, and furniture. Will schedule pickups.

House by the Side of the Road

  • Accepts clothing, bedding, toys, and small household articles. Call for donation and pickup information. 
Humane Society of Huron Valley

  • ​Accepts towels, pet articles, dog collars, leashes, and more. Check website for updated wish list.

Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor

  • Accepts and sells clothing, furniture, tools, toys, books, and small appliances. Schedules free pickups.

House N2 Home

  • Accepts furniture and household items. Check website for guidelines.

Salvation Army Store, Area Drop‑Off Center

  • Accepts clothing, household goods, furniture, and jewelry. Call 800.728.7825 to schedule free pickups.

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Selling Locally

You can try selling your useable items to antique, used book and music shops, consignment shops and others. Many are listed on Washtenaw County's Trash-to-Treasures page. You may also wish to hold your own yard sale.​

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Online Selling

You can also post items on FreeCycle,  NextDoor,  Facebook Marketplace,  Craig's List,  EBay,  Mercari or other websites. 

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There are many moving companies that couple as a storage facility. If you are looking for either shot-term or long-term storage of your belongings, here are some companies that can help:

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Swap Days

Swap days are community events that lets people exchange items. There are many organizations that host these events, such as the Rotary Club of Ann ArborSister Lakes Association, and more throughout Ann Arbor. The city is currently working on a toolkit that will be available to guide anyone in hosting their own swap day. ​

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Furniture Rescue

Some places will repair or rescue furniture so it can be reused. Some businesses that provide this service in Ann Arbor are:

Workshop Detroit

  • ​This company takes furniture that is reclaimed from vacant and abandoned building stock, then repair and/or rebuild it before it is sold.

Kuebler Furniture Works

  • This company provides repair services for furniture.

Woodward Throwbacks

  • This company salvages materials from industrial castoff and rescues it or makes it into new things like furniture
Sometimes it is not possible to repair furniture or donate it. Please see our Bulky Item Disposal page for instructions on proper disposal.

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What if my Item is no Longer Reusable?

Sometimes it's not possible to reuse items. In this case, please refer to Recycle Ann Arbor's A-Z Recycling Guide on how to recycle unusable items.​

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The listing of these haulers is not and does not imply an endorsement of their services or products by the City of Ann Arbor or by any City of Ann Arbor official or employee.​


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