Neighborhood Swap Days

A g​reat way to give your items a new home - instead of sending them to the landfill!​​​​​​

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​​​​​​​Upcomi​ng Swap D​​​​​ays

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What​​ is a Swap ​Day?

​Swap days are opportunities for community members to come together and offer items for free and exchange goods. Think clothes, books, decor, small appliances, etc. It's a perfect way to give your unwanted items a new home, instead of sending them to the landfill - and a great way to find that item you've been looking for, without having to buy it new! Smaller items not taken on swap days will be picked up by City volunteers as a donation to social-services agencies and thrift shops (please see the donation guidelines below). Our swap days are typically organized within neighborhoods, with residents of the neighborhood able to leave items in their yards, and all Ann Arbor residents welcome to peruse those items and take what they want.

Don​​​ation Guidelines

​Please click here for a list of items that will not be accepted for donation to social services agencies or thrift shops following City-run swap days.

Swap Day Planning Guide

​Interested in hosting a swap day in your community​? Check out this how-to guide we've put together, with six simple steps to organizing a swap day! Once you've planned your event, please let us know about it by filling out this form. And after your event, we'd love to hear your feedback on how it went!


Pho​tos from​​​ Previous Swap Days

Bryant-Swap-Day-1.jpgBryant-Swap-Day-2.jpg Bryant-Swap-Day-3.jpgIMG_4896.jpeg

For que​stions about swap days, please contact the Office of Sustainability and Innovations at sustainabi​[email protected].​