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Argo Nature Area

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"Do Not Eat Fish" From the Huron River Advisory Issued by the State of Michigan

The advisory includes that "touching the fish or water and swimming in these water bodies is NOT CONSIDERED a health concern. Therefore, the Gallup and Argo canoe liveries will maintain full operations. Read full advisory here.

​Argo N​​​ature Area 

Argo Nature Area is a 22-acre linear park on the east side of the Huron River bordered by Broadway St., Longshore Dr. and Barton Dr. The Argo Canoe Livery is located in the park and is open for rentals from April - October (call 794-6240 for more information). Parking is adjacent to the canoe livery, and just north of there is a parking area with a boat launch. Both are located on Longshore Dr. A visitor may gain access to the trails from several points: from Riverside park, the northeast side of the Broadway bridge, near the dam and livery parking lot, on the north side of the boat launch parking lot (both off Longshore Dr.), and from Barton Drive.

An unpaved trail runs the length of the park along the river.  The section linking Broadway Street (at Swift) and the livery is fairly wide, and bicycles are allowed. The section from the boat launch parking lot north to Barton Drive is a narrow trail prone to erosion. Hikers are asked to stay on the trail, and it is closed to bicycles. The trail travels through two types of woods -- in the southern half you’ll find more basswood and willow, in the northern half you’ll see black oak and shagbark hickory plus more spring wildflowers. The entire trail offers beautiful views of the river.