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Argo Park Livery

Park Features
Boat Launch Canoe/Kayak Rental Canoeing/Kayaking Drinking Fountain Fishing Fishing Dock Grills Natural Area Nature Trails - Unpaved Parking Paved Multi-Use Trail (Non-Motorized) Picnic Shelters Picnic Tables Restrooms Tubing

​​​​​​​​​​​Argo Park ​

1055 Longshore Dr., Ann Arbor, ​MI ​ 734.794.6241, csaam@a2gov.orgCheryl Saam, Recreation Supervisor

Closed for the season.
Gallup Park 

3000 Fuller Road, Ann Arbor, MI     734.794.6240,                        Cheryl Saam, Recreation Supervisor

Closed for the season. The Gallup office is staffed year round. 

Argo Canoe & Kayak

​​​​Located at the Argo Cascades and features canoes, one-person kayaks, two-person kayaks, five-person rafts, tubes and stand up paddleboard rentals on the Huron River.  Also offered are concessions, river merchandise, and river themed programs.  Enjoy river adventures with friends and family!​

Argo to Gallup River Trip - 3.7 miles, 1.5 hours​ (current)

Schedule - Closed
​Boat Fees 

  • $27/2-person kayak
  • $21/1-person kayak
  • $27/2-person canoe, (3-person if children)
  • $72/5-person raft (6-person if children) 

Stillwater Paddles​ 2 miles (no current)

Schedule - Closed

Boat Fees 2-hour Rental

  • ​$15/1-person kayak
  • $20/2-person kayak and canoe
  • $21/stand-up paddleboard​ (Argo)


Schedule - Closed

​​Tube Fees - Argo Livery

  • ​​​​$10/tube, 2-hour rental, rent and return at Argo Livery.
  • Tubes available for purchase at the Argo Livery.
  • Free air compressor to fill tubes at the Argo Livery.
  • $10/person van transportion from Gallup to Argo Livery. Just people, no boats or inflated tubes, and ask staff the time of the last van ride.

  • ​Is our other location and is located 3.7 miles downstream from Argo. 
  • The 5.7 mile 2.5 hour Barton to Gallup river trip is from the Gallup location. 
  • The 3.7 mile 1.5 hour Argo to Gallup river trip is from the Gallup location in the spring and fall months when Argo is closed. 
  • Gallup offers kayak, canoe and paddleboat rentals for stillwater paddling on 2.5 mile Gallup Pond and river trip in the fall. 

River Programs

  • River Camps and Preschool River Kids programs for fun in the summer.
  • Kayak & SUP instruction, Huron River Day, night paddles, and more.  
  • Register for a program or call our office 734.794.6240.

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​Can people bathe and swim in water containing PFAS?

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services MDHHS has issued a “Do Not Eat Fish” advisory for the Huron River and advises people and their pets to avoid foam on the Huron River. Foam can have much higher amounts of PFAS than the water, and swallowing foam with PFAS could be a health risk. Swimming or bathing in water containing PFAS is not a health concern because the amount of PFAS is typically low compared to the foam. Although swallowing PFAS is the main way to get it in your body, an accidental swallow of river or lake water is not a health concern. Although, current science indicates PFAS does not move easily through the skin, it’s best to rinse off foam, including family pets, after contact and bathe or shower after the day’s outdoor activities. None of this information changes recommendations for people’s water used at home. The City of Ann Arbor has installed  hand-rinsing stations in close proximity to the city’s canoe liveries. These will be in addition to hand-washing facilities available in public restrooms at the liveries.  Visit the PFAS webpage for additional information​.​

Huron River Water Trail 

The Huron River Water Trail is a 104-mile (167 km) inland paddling trail connecting people to the river's natural environment, its history and the communities it touches in Michigan. The Huron River Water Trail is a project of the Huron River Watershed Council and RiverUp! and is recognized as a National Water Trail  Check out canoe art, improved portages, added landings and river signs on Ann Arbor's section of the river. Paddle the Huron River!​