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Have some spare time or want volunteer hours? Help us keep our parks clean!

Trash Trailblazer stations can normally be found at Argo and Gallup Liveries in an effort to keep our parks clean and litter-free. However, to eliminate the sharing of tools and supplies, we’ve decided to build on this initiative to make it available for your use “on the go”. A Trash Trailblazer kit will include: a trash picker, bucket or bags, gloves, a record-keeping sheet, an Ann Arbor Parks map, and a volunteer t-shirt. We can rent out supplies for a two-week period at a time or set a deadline for return if a longer duration is preferred. If you’d like more information or to coordinate a pick-up of supplies, contact us at or 734-794-6445. Spread awareness and leave no trace!

How it works

Step 1: Check out your supplies.
Contact or 734-794-6445 to coordinate a pick-up time and location for your kit.
Supplies include a trash picker, gloves, a bag or bucket, a sign-in sheet to record your hours, an Ann Arbor
parks map, and a volunteer t-shirt. Before you can participate, a signed GIVE 365 volunteer waiver must be
returned to us. You can sign it when checking out the supplies or email it back to

Step 2: Visit a park & sign-in.
Explore a park in search of trash. Use the Trash Trailblazers bag to collect your findings. Record which park
you went to in the column marked “location” on the sign-in sheet. We are funded through the Parks
Maintenance and Capital Improvement Millage so all volunteer work must be done in a city-owned Ann
Arbor park.

Step 3: Take a picture of your findings!
We will keep records of your findings to verify your hours. Sign-out and provide any notes on your sign-in

Step 4: Dispose.
Find a designated trash receptacle and empty your bag or bucket. Disposing of waste properly
( is one of the most vital skills sets — and it’s not
just a matter of keeping parks visually appealing. Food waste, for example, attracts wildlife and erodes their
natural instincts to avoid humans. It can take common items like plastic bags and aluminum cans up to 100
years to decompose. Learn more about Leave No Trace principles here:

Although you may be inclined to simply walk the trails and stay on paved paths,
Keep an eye out for poison ivy and don’t forget to do a tick check after your walk.
Do not pick up anything that poses a safety risk- human/animal waste, sharp objects,
broken glass, etc. Utilize to report these findings.
Unfortunately, the more popular a park, the more likelihood of litter. Target these areas to
make the biggest impact:
sometimes litter is carried by the wind and can be hiding in brush. Before you
go, check out the property lines of the park. Parking lots can also be a hot-spot for trash!
Bandemer Park | Buhr Park | Gallup Park | Island Park | Mary Beth Doyle | Olson Park |
Veterans Memorial Park | West Park