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Join the team!

GIVE 365 is looking for interested walkers to join a new walking, trash-collecting club. Great for regular walkers who are interested in helping keep our river path clean. Supplies are available at Gallup and Argo and there is no scheduled walking time. It is super easy to participate and all levels of commitment are welcome! Here is how it works:

  • Sign a GIVE 365 volunteer waiver . You can email it to so it is on file and we can arrange to get you a volunteer t-shirt. You can also sign the waiver when checking out supplies at Argo and Gallup liveries. 
  • Sign in! Find the trailblazer station which has a clipboard and all the available check out materials. We do ask for your name, email and phone number along with the ID # of the trash picker and bag. 
  • Grab your supplies and be on your way!
    Trash picker; Reusable trash bag container; Plastic gloves
  • Walk and pick trash from along the path, or banks of the river. We would love it if you could send us a selfie of you on your purpose driven walk! Send to:
  • When done, simply return the supplies to where you signed in, to sign out. Your bag can be emptied into nearby garbage and/or recycling containers. We are piloting these reusable trash containers in order to be eco friendly. Let us know how they work! There will also be small plastic bags available in the supply bin if things are particularly wet.

It is that easy! Individuals, pairs or small groups-everyone is invited to join the Trash Trailblazers team! If you do 5 or more walks in the summer, you will earn your very own trash picker!
Contact GIVE 365 to get involved!

1519 Fuller Road