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Erika Pratt

Recreation Supervisor

Started with GIVE: March 2014

Favorite Park: West

"Visit Every Park" Challenge: 149/159

I am very proud to be the leader of the GIVE 365 Volunteer and Outreach program for Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation. I have a master's degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Resources and I am passionate about public spaces and leisure opportunities for all the ways they enrich life! It is a joy to work in this city as the Ann Arbor park system is large, diverse and oh, so special. The GIVE program is rooted in community engagement and volunteerism and we are so fortunate to be in a community that values parks, stewardship and civic involvement. Here at GIVE, we work side by side with our volunteers to improve and enhance our awesome park system. Meet our staff! 

DSC00485.jpgMelissa Schacht

Adopt-A-Park Coordinator;

Melissa has a bachelor's degree in Natural Resource Management from GVSU. She works with long term volunteers, coordinating resources and providing support to park adopters. She loves advocating for unique park projects and if you are interested in adopting a park, you will love working with Melissa!

Started with GIVE: April 2016

Favorite park: Mary Beth Doyle

                                                                   "Visit Every Park" Challenge: 77/159


Josh Doyle

Crew Coordinator

Josh is a current student of WCC, planning to transfer to MSU while pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. Josh coordinates and develops our park projects and volunteer tasks. He also brings a lot of energy and leadership to our work days. He loves books, trees and is obsessed with dogs!

Started with GIVE: July 2015

Favorite park: Bird Hills

                                                                   "Visit Every Park" Challenge: 142/159

Outreach Team


Jessica Cichowlas

Jessica earned a bacherlor's degree in Psychology from EMU and then fell in love with Ann Arbor! Jessica manages our volunteer inbox and coordinates with volunteers. In her free time, she loves working in her garden, traveling, and cooking.

Started with GIVE: April 2017

Favorite park: West

"Visit Every Park" Challenge: 52/159


Michelle Souza

Michelle is a student at EMU studying Biology and Physical Geography. She loves working outdoors in the park system, and with kids. She works with the CIT, LIT, and Jr volunteer programs.

Started with GIVE: Aug 2016

Favorite park: Bird Hills

"Visit Every Park" Challenge: 159/159

Jared DietzelDSC00349.jpg

Jared is attending EMU studying Simulation, Animation, and Gaming. He loves having the opportunity to work with volunteers and facilitate enjoyable experiences.

Started with GIVE: Sept 2016

Favorite park: Gallup

"Visit Every Park" Challenge: 62/159

DSC00569.jpgRyan Poling

Ryan has just recently earned his master’s degree from the University of South Carolina. He helps manage our communications & outreach for river clean-up events. He loves being outdoors, experiencing live music, traveling, and reading.

Started with GIVE: May 2014

Favorite park: West Park & Hunt Park (It’s a tie)

"Visit Every Park" Challenge: 88/159

DSC00425.jpgWill Murphy

Will is a senior economics student at Xavier University. He assists in crew projects, leads volunteer workdays, and is always willing to lend a hand. He enjoys reading, biking, and exploring Ann Arbor's parks.

Started with GIVE: May 2016

Favorite park: The Ponds

"Visit Every Park" Challenge: 76/159

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180508133318994_COVER.jpgL Henderso​n

L is new to the Midwest via Seattle/California. They are also an assistant facility supervisor at Fuller and Mack Pools. In addition to leading volunteers and community outreach, they are certified in EMT & Fire Safety.

Started with GIVE: April 2018

Favorite park: Allmendinger

"Visit Every Park" Challenge: 20/159


DSC07965.jpgCam Collins

Cam grew up in Ypslanti, and is now exploring his future options with GIVE 365! He likes to be outdoors, make a difference, and help be a part in making it happen. Cam is absorbing everything GIVE does for the summer!