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Erika Smith

Recreation Supervisor

[email protected]

Started with GIVE: March 2014

Favorite Park: West


I am very proud to be the leader of the GIVE 365 Volunteer and Outreach program for Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation. I have a master's degree in Parks,​ Recreation and Tourism Resources and I am passionate about public spaces and leisure opportunities for all the ways they enrich life! It is a joy to work in this city as the Ann Arbor park system is large, diverse and oh, so special. The GIVE program is rooted in community engagement and volunteerism and we are so fortunate to be in a community that values parks, stewardship and civic involvement. Here at GIVE, we work side by side with our volunteers to improve and enhance our awesome park system.

Meet the team!


Adopt-A-Park Coordinator; [email protected]

Melissa has a bachelor's degree in Natural Resource Management from GVSU. She works with long term volunteers, coordinating resources and providing support to park adopters. She loves advocating for unique park projects and if you are interested in adopting a park, you will love working with Melissa! 

Started with GIVE: April 2016

Favorite park: Mary Beth Doyle​


Assistant Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator; [email protected]

Colete is a recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in Communications. At Give365 she helps with the communication efforts along with coordinating workdays. In her free time, she loves reading, learning about art, and of course visiting parks!

Started with GIVE: April 2022

Favorite park: Black Pond Woods​


Assistant Volunteer & ​Outreach Coordinator; [email protected]

Conor received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from MSU. He sought out his current position as Outreach Assistant at GIVE 365 to be a part of a work effort he is passionate about! In his role, he enjoys engaging with the community and fostering relationships with individuals and groups who are interested in volunteering at Ann Arbor’s parks. In his free time, Conor enjoys reading, running, and discovering new music.​

Started with GIVE: September 2022

Favorite park: Island​​



Assistant Volunteer & Marketing Coordinator; [email protected]

Ryan earned a bachelor's in Social Sciences from EMU and a master's in Higher Education from the University of South Carolina. At Give 365, he  leads volunteer workdays, specializing in river clean-ups, and works on creative projects and updating our park websites. In his free time, he loves seeing live music, being outdoors, hiking, and spending time with friends. Ryan has been to all 162 parks!

Started with GIVE: April 2014

Favorite parks: Hunt / West / Black Pond Woods


Playground Technician; [email protected]

Andy is a loving father of two highly energetic and eternally curious little girls. Within GIVE 365, he helps to oversee the maintenance of Ann Arbor's 70+ city playgrounds by prioritizing parks most in need of volunteer care. Outside of GIVE 365, he visits parks with his daughters, draws comics, strums a banjo, and hikes through the quiet of nature constructing cairns along the way.

Started with GIVE: May 2021

Andy's favorite park: Bird Hills

His daughters' favorite park: ​Waterworks​


Gardener; [email protected]

Amelia is our resident gardener! At GIVE 365, she works independently and with volunteers in gardens and landscaped areas big and small throughout the parks. In her free time she runs, hikes, bikes, and listens ​to lots of podcasts and NPR, works on a farm, and - you guessed it- gardens! She is passionate about continued self-education and sustainable land management.

Started with GIVE: May 2021

Favorite park: Hanover Square


Field Coordinator; [email protected]

Emily joined Give 365 to combine her love of community advocacy and the outdoors. She believes green spaces are vital to the health and vitality of a city and its residents. At Give, she assists with playground maintenance, helps remove harmful plants from playgrounds, and assists wherever else she can. She enjoys foraging, hiking, gardening, and her bulldog!

Started with GIVE: June 2022

Favorite park: Island


Crew/Event Team[email protected]

Oliver is working towards earning his bachelor's degree in business from the University of Michigan. At Give 365, he works with volunteers and staff alike to ensure our parks stay maintained, clean, and safe. In his free time, he loves swimming, films, music, and being outside.

Started with GIVE: May 2019

Favorite park: Barton


Crew / Event Team; [email protected]

Grace is from a small town in the heart of mid-Michigan and grew up loving the outdoors. She is currently studying Business and Sustainability at the University of Michigan and hopes to work in corporate social responsibility. In her free time, she enjoys baking, going for walks, listening to music (of all genres), and bantering with her friends.​

Started with GIVE: June 2022

Favorite park: Burns​​​


Crew / Event Team; [email protected]

Dominique is studying audio engineering and broadcast arts at Washtenaw Community College. At GIVE 365, you may encounter Dominique leading your volunteer workday. He enjoys parks, working outside, and being in nature. In his free time, he loves watching anime, writing music, and bike riding.

Started with GIVE: June 2022

Favorite park: West

Dr. Martha Hill​

Park Historian; [email protected]

A long and winding road led Martha to this door… along the way she picked up a variety of research skills and deep appreciation for her friends the plants & trees & land that supports us all. She arrived in Ann Arbor as a student and settled in. Math degree from UNC and U of M Ph.D. in economics & demography in hand, she entered into a thirty-year research & teaching career at U of M’s Institute for Social Research. Much of her work focused on designing and analyzing studies following the same people and their families through time. She is now retired as Research Professor Emerita. She has lived and/or worked in Sweden, England, New Zealand, Japan, Michigan, Washington D.C., Iowa, Maryland, and North Carolina.

She is passionate about the vast diversity of Nature. Her certificates include Master Gardener, Conservation Steward, Organic Gardening and Master Rain Gardener. In addition, she studied architecture at U of M as a Van Sweden Scholarship recipient. She loves her brave-heart adopted dog, adventure-is-my--middle-name cat, watercolor painting, 100-year-old house & surrounding Belize/Hunt Park & Bluffs Nature Area. She is fascinated by parks large & small, public spaces, mysteries to investigate, and being a student of history. Always curious and learning!

Started with GIVE: February 2022

Favorite park: Bluffs Nature Area