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The City of Ann Arbor is developing a new Comprehensive Plan to forge a new affordable, sustainable, and equitable vision of the City’s future. ​Learn more at the Comprehensive Plan project site.

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Current Adopted Plans

The Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide for public and private decision-makers regarding the future physical development of the​ City and for the implementation of plans, policies, and programs. These plans provide a framework for achieving the City's desired goals, ensuring its diversity, supporting investment, and promoting desired change. The City’s Comprehensive Plan is composed of the following eight elements. 

Comprehensive Planning Elements
Sustainability framework.PNG

Sustainability Framework (2013)
​​Ann Arbor’s Sustainability Framework (PDF) lays out a set ​​​goals that focus on climate and energy, community, land use and access, resource management to help Ann Arbor become more sustainable. 

Land Use Element (2009)
The Land Use Elem​ent (PDF) provides information and guidance about land use planning issues that face the City of Ann Arbor.  
State St Corridor Plan.PNGState Street Corridor Plan (2013)
​The State Street Corridor Plan​ ​(PDF)  proposes ideas and strategies that can be used to build upon existing strengths and address current challenges to enhance the image, economic vitality, and sustainability of the corridor. 

​The Downtown Plan (PDF) addresses a broad range of issues concerning downtown’s future -- from land use priorities and parking management to design guidelines for enhancing downtown’s pedestrian orientation and identity as a place.
Pros Plan.PNG
​Parks and Recreation Open Space Plan (2023)
The Parks and Recreation Open Space Plan (PDF)​ provides an overview of all aspects of the park system and ​outlines goals and objectives for future park planning. ​

​Natural Features Master Plan (2004)
The Natural Featu​res Master Plan (PDF)​ describes Ann Arbor's natural features, both publicly and privately owned, and sets forth policies to protect, restore and sustain them.​

The Treeline Allen Creek Urban Trail Master Plan​​ (2017)
​​The Treeline Allen Creek Urban Trail Master Plan  (PDF) lays out a plan to connect City-owned properties, neighborhoods, and downtown businesses while linking to the Huron Rive​r and the regional Border-to-Border trail (B2B Trail). ​
Transportation Plan.PNG

City of Ann Arbor Comprehensive Transportation Plan (2021) The Moving Together Toward​s Vision Zero - Comprehensive Tra​nspo​rtation Plan​ (PDF)  defines the city’s mobility values and goals and details the strategy for managing, operating, upgrading, and maintaining our transportation system today and into the future. Visit the Transportation Plan​ webpage to view the appendic​es and ​supporting documents.

Other Resource Docume​nts

In addition to the recommendations provided by the Comprehensive Plan, the Planning Commission relies on the resource documents below to provide additional detail for interpretation and implementation of the recommendations.  

​Capital Improvements Plan (2018-2023)​ ​

Fuller-Geddes-Conrail Study (1994) (PDF)

Briarwood Subarea Plan (1995) (PDF)

Miller/Maple/Newport Traffic and Circulation Study (1995) (PDF)​

Northeast Area Transportation Plan (2006)  (PDF)

Flood Mitigation Plan (2007) (PDF)

Allen Creek Greenway Task Force Report (2007) (PDF)

Washtenaw County Access Management Plan (208) (PDF)

Huron River and Impoundment Management Pla​n (2009) (PDF)

Washtenaw Avenue Corridor Redevelopment Strategy (2010) (PDF)

Downtown Design Guidelines (2011)  (PDF)

Connecting William Street Plan (2013) (PDF)

Climate Action Plan (2013) (PDF)

North Main Street/ Huron River Corridor Vision for the Future Report (2013) (PDF)

Reimagine Washtenaw Corridor Improvement Study (2014)​ (PDF)

Washtenaw Cou​​nty Affordability and Economic Equity Analysis (2015)  (PDF)

Repealed or P​​ast Plans

These plans are archived but are no longer guiding policies for the city.