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Proposed Rezoning of the South State/Eisenhower Pkwy Area to Transit Corridor District (TC1) ​​

Proposed Rezoning Area.png

Questions or Comments? – Contact Alexis DiLeo, City Planner, by email [email protected], or call 734-794-6000 x 42610.​

​TC1 Webinar Related Documents and Tools
11/9/21 ​​Webinar Recording 
​Watch the recording of the entire November 9, 2021 Zoom webinar (via YouTube)​

​11/9/21 Webinar Q&A Transcript​ (PDF)
​Transcript of November 9, 2021 Zoom Webinar Q&A chat 
11/9/21 ​Presentation​ (PDF)
​Slides presented by city staff at November 9, 2021 Zoom webinar
​​TC1 Postcard​ (PDF)
​Postcard sent to all owners, residents, and tenants of the parcels inside and extending 1,000 feet from the area evaluate​​d for rezoning to TC1 (Transit Corridor) district in the area of State & Eisenhower
TC1 Property Owner Letter​ (PDF)
​ ​Introductory letter to property owners of parcels proposed to be rezoned​
State & Eisenhower Zoning Map (PDF)​
Map of Existing State & Eisenhower Zoning
Proposed T​​C1 Rezoning Area (PDF)
​​Proposed State & Eisenhower Rezoning Area 

​​Interactive Mapping Tool 

​Use this interactive mapping tool to see the height limit buffers on any lot in the City. ​


City-Initiated TC1 Rezoning​

City Council, along with directing the Planning Commission to create a new zoning district for transit corridors, asked the Planning Commission to recommend and then initiate rezoning of parcels appropriate for the new district in Resolution R-20-439(approved November 16, 2020).  The new district, TC1 (Transit Corridor), was adopted by  Ordinance no. ORD-21-19 (approved 7/6/21, effective 7/25/21). 

The TC1 (Transit Corridor) district ​​​​​​​is intended along existing transit corridors with regular fixed service provided by AAATA primarily on established commercial and office sites. It was created to facilitate, encourage, and support redevelopment and infill development to realize mixed use projects and achieve affordable housing, enable more housing choices, more sustainable forms of development, with reduced resouce and energy needs. 

Together, staff and the Planning Commission's Ordinance Revisions Committee have identied 69 parcels that meet the intent and criteria for the TC1 district in the State & Eisenhower area. These 69 parcels will be evaluated in a city-initiated rezoning petition. 

​A webinar will be held on November 9, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. for property owners and the community to learn about the TC1 district and its development standards, the rezoning process, and will feature a question and answer session. A link to the webinar will be posted here soon. 

Map of Proposed Parcels for Rezoning ​to TC1 (Below)

Picture Map of 69 Proposed Parcels.png

Table of Parcels Proposed for Rezoning (PDF)​

Background Documents and Materials

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