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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2021 Street Resurfacing/Restoration Projects


These projects generally include removal and replacement of part or all the existing asphalt or concrete pavement; curb and gutter repairs; repair and/or replacement​ of drainage and other utility structures; sidewalk ramp replacement to achieve ADA compliance; new pavement markings; and restoration. Their durations range from one month to several months depending on the work activities. A pdf map of projects is also available. 

Major Streets (4.709 miles)

  • Ashley Street (West William Street to Miller Avenue) – DDA project
  • Geddes Road (Windy Crest Lane to Earhart Road) – with utility project
  • North First Street (West Kingsley Street to West Huron Street) – DDA project
  • Plymouth Road (Broadway Street to Murfin Avenue/Upland Drive)
  • Scio Church Road (South Maple Road to South Seventh Street)
  • South Huron Parkway at Lindsay Lane
  • South Industrial Highway (East Eisenhower Parkway to East Stadium Boulevard)
  • West Kingsley Street (North First Street to North Main Street) – DDA project
  • West Liberty Street (Crest Avenue to South Seventh Street) – with utility project

Minor (Local) Streets (3.927 miles)

  • Baldwin Avenue (Packard Street to East Stadium Boulevard)
  • Brockman Boulevard (Packard Street to East Stadium Boulevard)
  • Cranbrook Road (Chesterfield Street/Hampshire Road to Towner Boulevard)
  • Crest Street (West Liberty Avenue to Buena Vista Street) – with utility project
  • Crestland Street (Packard Street to Amelia Place/Saint Francis Drive)
  • Dorchester Road (Manchester Road to Towner Boulevard)
  • Dunmore Road (Waverly Road to Winsted Boulevard)– with utility project
  • Ferdon Road (Eastover Place to Crestland Street)
  • Eddy Street (Verle Ave to southerly end)
  • Hartford Street (Winsted Boulevard to Mershon Drive)
  • Manchester Road (end of concrete pavement to Washtenaw Avenue)
  • Marshall Street (Verle Avenue to Verle Avenue)
  • Saint Aubin Avenue (La Salle Street to Creek Drive)
  • Saint Francis Drive (Amelia Place/Crestland Street to Nature Cove Court)
  • Verle Avenue (westerly end to Platt Road)
  • Waverly Road (Weldon Boulevard to Dunmore Road) – with utility project
  • Weldon Boulevard (Waverly Road to Winsted Boulevard) – with utility project
  • Winsted Boulevard (Hartford Street to Weldon Boulevard)

​2021 Capital Preventative Maintenance Projects

These projects generally include removing and replacing only the upper portion of the existing asphalt pavement (thin mill and fill); minor curb and gutter and drainage/utility structure repairs; sidewalk ramp replacement to achieve ADA compliance; new pavement markings; and minor restoration. They may also include surface preservation treatments like micro-surfacing and cape sealing, or crack filling and sealing. Their durations are typically less than a month and may range from a day or two up to a few weeks depending on the work activities.

Major Streets (2.590 miles)

  • Beakes Street (North Main Street to North Division Street/East Summit Street)
  • Hill Street (South Forest Avenue to Washtenaw Avenue)
  • Liberty Street (South Main Street to South State Street)
  • Liberty Street (South Seventh Street to Ann Arbor Railroad)
  • Madison Street (Thompson Street to South State Street)
  • Newport Road (Miller Avenue to Sunset Road)
  • Pontiac Street (Moore Street/Longshore Drive to John A. Woods Drive)
  • Forest Avenue (Hill Street to Forest Court)

Minor (Local) Streets (3.764 miles)

  • Baldwin Place (Baldwin Avenue to easterly end)
  • Balmoral Court (Lowell Road to Lowell Road)
  • Canterbury Road (Towner Boulevard to Platt Road)
  • Chesterfield Street (Packard Street to Cranbrook Road/Hampshire Road)
  • Eastover Place (Jewett Street/Packard Street to Ferdon Road)
  • Edgewood Place (West Hoover Avenue to northerly end)
  • Elder Boulevard (Crest Street to Eberwhite Boulevard)
  • Elizabeth Street (East Kingsley Street to High Street)
  • Henry Street (South State Street to White Street)
  • Holyoke Lane (Lowell Road to Newport Road)
  • Lincolnshire Lane (Warrington Drive to southeasterly end)
  • Lowell Road (Warrington Drive to Newport Road)
  • Provincetown Court (Lowell Road to southwesterly end)
  • Robin Road (Bydding Road to Fountain Street)
  • Salisbury Lane (southwesterly end to southeasterly end)
  • Second Street (West Mosely Street to West Jefferson Street)
  • Sybil Street (East Hoover Avenue to Hill Street)
  • Towner Boulevard (Dorchester Road to Hampshire Road)
  • Waltham Drive (Saxon Road to Warwick Court)
  • Warrington Drive (Newport Road to Huron River Drive)
  • Woodbridge Boulevard (Eberwhite Boulevard to easterly end)

​2021 Concrete Sidewalk and Asphalt Path Projects

These projects include the construction of new sidewalks or the resurfacing/rehabilitation of existing asphalt paths and involve earthwork; removal and replacement of part or all the existing asphalt pavement; placement of new sidewalk; placement of base materials; new or replacement sidewalk ramps to achieve ADA compliance; and restoration. Their durations range from one week to several weeks depending on the work activities.

New Sidewalks

  • Barton Drive (north side between Pontiac Trail and Brede Place)
  • Boardwalk Drive (east side between East Eisenhower Parkway and Oakbrook Drive from address numbers 2875 to 2775)
  • Fuller Court (south side from UM property near Fuller Road easterly to address number 2250)
  • Jackson Avenue (south side between Wagner Road and Park Lake Avenue)
  • Manchester Road (west and north sides approximately 400 feet south of Washtenaw)
  • Scio Church Road (north side between Landmark Court and Winsted Boulevard)
  • Stimson Street (both sides between South State Street and White Street)
  • Yost Boulevard and​ Eli Drive (east and north sides fronting Forestbrooke Athletic Club)

Asphalt Path Restoration ​

  • Packard Street (east side between Independence Boulevard and Stone School Road)
  • Packard Street (north side from Colony Road through the Buhr Park frontage)
  • Packard Street (south side from Woodmanor Court to Platt Road)​​

Road reconstruction/underground utility projects​​

Other projects

Sidewalks, paths and crosswalks


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