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2019 Resurfacing/Restoration​ Projects

These projects may include removal and replacement of part or all of the existing asphalt or concrete pavement;​ curb and gutter repairs; repair and/or replacement of drainage and other utility structures; sidewalk ramp replacement to achieve ADA compliance; new pavement markings; and restoration. Their durations range from one month to several months depending on the work activities.

Major Streets

  • East Hoover Avenue (South Main Street to South State Street) – with utility project
  • East William Street (South Main Street to South State Street) – with utility project
  • Fuller Street (Glen Court to Glen Avenue) – with utility project
  • Greene Street (East Keech Avene/Kipke Drive to Hill Street) – with utility project
  • Hill Street (Adams Street to South Fifth Avenue) – with utility project
  • North Fifth Avenue (East Kingsley Street to Catherine Street)
  • Platt Road (South Huron Parkway to Washtenaw Avenue)
  • Scio Church Road (South Seventh Street to South Main Street)
  • South State Street (Oakbrook Drive to Stimson Street)
  • Stone School Road (I‐94 to East Eisenhower Parkway)
  • Traverwood Drive (Plymouth Road to South Huron Parkway)
  • West William Street (South First Street to South Main Street)​

Minor (Local) Streets​

  • ​Amherst Avenue (Longshore Drive to Pontiac Trail) – with utility project
  • Argo Drive (Longshore Drive to Pontiac Trail) – with utility project
  • Brookridge Court (Brookridge Road to Brookridge Road)
  • Bucholz Court (Bath Street to Willow Street) – with utility project
  • Bydding Road (Miner Street/Cressfield Street to Brooks Street)
  • Cedar Bend Drive (Fuller Road to Northerly to End of Pavement) – with utility project
  • Charles Street (Daniel Street to Edward Street/Brookridge Road)
  • Cressfield Lane (Bydding Road/Miner Street to End of Cul‐de‐Sac)
  • Daniel Street (Hiscock Street to Sunset Road)
  • Dover Place (Riverview Drive to Westerly End) – with utility project
  • Edward Street (West Summit Street to Charles Street/Brookridge Court)
  • Felch Street (Gott Street to Fountain Street)
  • Felch Street (Spring Street to North Ashley Street)
  • Fountain Street (Miller Avenue to Robin Road)
  • Gott Street (Miller Avenue to Pearl Street)
  • Hillcrest Drive (West Summit Street to End of Cul‐de‐Sac)
  • Hiscock Street (Spring Street to West Summit Street/Wildt Street)
  • Horman Court (South Forest Avenue to Olivia Avenue) – with utility project
  • Huntington Place (Riverview Drive to Onaway Place) – with utility project
  • Indianola Avenue (Longshore Drive to Pontiac Trail) – with utility project
  • John Street(South Fifth Avenue to South Division Street) – with utility project
  • Longshore Drive (Argo Drive to Indianola Avenue) – with utility project
  • Maywood Avenue (West Stadium Boulevard to Avondale Avenue) – with utility project
  • Miner Street (Hiscock Street to Cre​ssfield Street/Bydding Road)
  • Ottawa Road (Argo Drive to Indianola Avenue) – with utility project
  • Pearl Street (Brooks Street to Miner Street)
  • Riverview Drive (Geddes Avenue to Huntington Place) – with utility project
  • Sheridan Drive (Washtenaw Avenue to Londonderry Road)​
  • West Summit Street (Brooks Street to Gott Street)
  • West Summit Street (Fountain Street to Daniel Street)
  • Wynnstone Drive (Folkstone Court to Easterly End)

2019 Capital Preventative Maintenance Projects

These projects may include removing and replacing only the upper portion of the existing asphalt pavement (thin mill and fill); minor curb and gutter and drainage/utility structure repairs; sidewalk ramp replacement to achieve AD​A compliance; new pavement markings; and minor restoration. They may also include surface preservation treatments like micro-surfacing and cape sealing, or crack filling and sealing. Durations are typically less than a month and may range from a day or two up to a few weeks depending on the work.

*Construction dates, if available, will be listed. Any other work is preparation only. 

Major Streets​

  • ​East Eisenhower Parkway (Boardwalk Street to N Service Drive)
  • East Stadium Boulevard (South State Street to Packard Street)
  • Fuller Road (East End Huron River Bridge to easterly end of Fuller Court)
  • Green Road (Plymouth Road to Gettysburg Road/Burbank Drive)
  • Jackson Avenue (Westerly of Gralake Avenue to eastbound I‐94 Exit Ramp Bridge)
  • North Fifth Avenue (Beakes Street to E Kingsley Street)
  • North Fifth Avenue (Catherine Street to East Ann Street)
  • Packard Street (East Stadium Boulevard to Harpst Street/Anderson Avenue)
  • Packard Street (Platt Road to Gross Road)
  • South Division Street (East Hoover Avenue to East Madison Street)
  • West Liberty Street (West Stadium Boulevard to Crest Avenue)

Minor (Local) Streets​

  • ​Algonac Street (Naples Court to Clague Street)
  • Brooklyn Avenue (Packard Street to Ferdon Road)
  • Churchill Drive (End of Cul‐de‐sac to Scio Church Road)
  • Clague Street (Algonac Avenue to Van Dusen Drive)
  • Creek Drive (La Fere Street to Packard Street)
  • Crosby Crescent (Snyder Avenue to Clague Street)
  • Delaware Drive (South Seventh Street to Mershon Drive)
  • Elmwood Street (Packard Street to Norwood Street)
  • Elmwood Street (Norwood Street to Edgewood Drive)
  • Frederick Drive (Green Road to Greenbrier Drive/Middleton Drive)
  • Golden Avenue (East Stadium Boulevard to Granger Avenue)
  • Hermitage Road (Ferdon Road to Wallingford Road)
  • La Fere Street (Creek Drive to La Salle Street)
  • La Salle Street (Lorraine Street to La Fere)
  • Lincoln Avenue (Shadford Road to Granger Avenue)
  • Lorraine Street (Platt Road to Pittsview Drive)
  • Middleton Drive (Frederick Drive to Greenbrier Drive/Frederick Drive)
  • Morehead Drive (Churchill Drive to South Seventh Street)     
  • Morton Avenue (Lincoln Avenue to Woodside Road)
  • Naples Court (Snyder Avenue/Algonac Street to End of Cul‐de‐sac)
  • Oakwood Street (Platt Road to Bellwood Avenue)
  • Redwood Avenue (Platt Road to Creek Drive)
  • Rugby Court (Wiltshire Drive to End of Cul‐de‐sac)
  • Snyder Avenue (Birk Avenue to Naples Court)
  • South Boulevard (Packard Street to Ferdon Road)
  • Steeplechase Drive (Churchill Drive to Blaney Drive)
  • Van Dusen Drive (Crosby Cres to Pauline Boulevard)
  • Wiltshire Drive (Churchill Drive to End of Cul‐de‐sac)
  • Woodlawn Avenue (Sheehan Avenue to Packard Street)
​​​​​​​*Project schedules are tentative and dependent on weather conditions. Visit the road and lane closures page​ for firm closure dates and detour routes.​​​

Road reconstruction/underground utility projects

Other projects

Sidewalk projects​

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