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City staff have prepared these interactive reports to provide the Transportation Commission and the public with an understanding of the City’s recent crash history and crash trends. This reporting was developed by Transportation staff and is intended to inform policy recommendations.

To enable users to interact with and analyze the data, we have presented the same dataset in two different formats. One for frequency and trend analysis, the other for discerning geospatial patterns.

Crash Ty​​pes and Frequencies

Analysis of crash types and frequencies​ can be found on the A2 Analytics Traffic Crashes Dashboard.

Spatial Analysi​s

Geospatial analysis of traffic crash density can be found on Map Ann Arbor's Traffic Crash Map.  Use the controls on the right side of the map to toggle between the layer choices and the legend.​

Context and Furthe​​r Data

These reports provide a snapshot of recent crash history and ongoing crash trends and supplement and compliment the regional crash analyses produced by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG). To further explore the data set behind the reports on this page, visit Michigan Traffic Crash Facts. To compare with national trends, see the federal NHTSA crash data.

Questions and comments about this page can be sent to Cynthia Redinger, Transportation Engineer, at [email protected].