LynAnne-Arbana Sewer Project

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Project Limits

North of Dexter and West Huron Street, between Lyn Anne Ct. and Arbana Dr. The project will involve Dexter, Doty​, Westwood Ave., Maryfield Wildwood Park, Wildwood Ave., Revena Blvd., and Arbana Dr. The map below shows the proposed sewer route.

Lyne Anne Sanitary Sewer project map.jpg

Project Manager
Chris Elenbaas, P.E.
[email protected]

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Public Engagement

Spring/Summer 2020



Construction Bids

Winter 2023

Easement Acquisition



Spring/Summer 2024

Why is this project being done?

Ann Arbor's LynAnne-Arbana Sewer Project, funded through the Development Offset Mitigation Program (DOM), involves the replacement of 4,300 feet (0.8 miles) of Existing Sanitary Sewer from the Maple Ridge Apartments to Arbana Drive.  The existing sanitary sewer line through the project area was primarily constructed in the 1920s to serve the northwest portion of the city.

This project is being done:

  • To address sewer surcharging and maintenance issues
  • As a continuation of past sewer projects from West Park to Arbana Drive
  • To maintain a key natural corridor

A 2013 Sanitary Sewer Wet Weather Evaluation Project (SSWWE) evaluated system-wide sewer capacity and identified the Lyn Anne-Arbana area as one of five priority areas for additional investigation.

In 2018, the subsequent Sanitary Sewer Improvements and Preliminary Engineering Project (SSIPE) performed in-depth flow metering and modeling of this area and included conceptual design of the proposed project.

Work to be done

  • Install the new, larger sanitary sewer and connect it to the existing system.
  • Maintain existing sanitary sewer service throughout the design and construction.
  • Restore areas following construction, including green space and pavement.

Possible impacts to residents

  • Staggered local road closures at Arbana, Westwood/Doty. Access to residences will be maintained.
  • Brief lane closures along Dexter.
  • Sections of Maryfield Wildwood Park will be closed to public.
  • Local road closures, access to residences will be maintained.
  • Tree removals.
  • Construction noise, including generators for bypass pumping as well as some dust and debris in the areas of work.

Expected road closure timeline

  • Arbana Dr. - Spring 2024
  • Doty - Late Summer / Early Fall 2024
  • Westwood Ave. - Late Summer / Early Fall 2024
  • Lane closure along Dexter - Late Fall 2024
  • Maryfield Wildwood Park 

Cost & Funding Source

This project is being funded by the City of Ann Arbor Developer Offset-Mitigation Program, which uses developer payments to fund sanitary sewer wet weather capacity improvement projects.​

Documents and materials

October 15, 2020 Project Meeting

June 11, 2020 Informational Meeting Materials