Crescents Water Main and Road Improvements Project

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June 1, 2023 project update

Bids received for phase 1 of water main replacement project were too high to proceed with this year. The project will be rebid this fall and include Phase 2. Both phases of construction will take place during the 2024 construction season. Work will continue to be phased starting with WM replacement on Creal, Argyle and Helen and getting those getting base paved while WM work shifts to Saunders and Hatcher. Once Saunders and Hatcher are base paved out a final top course of asphalt will be placed throughout the project.  ​

Please take this additional time to assess the condition of your sanitary lateral (house service to the sanitary sewer) by hiring a private plumber to camera your sanitary line. If you need to replace the line, please contact the project manager so the city can coordinate work with your private plumber during construction in 2024.​


​​Phase 1/2

Crescents Project Phase Limits Map image.jpg

Why is this project being done?

The existing 6-inch water mains, installed in the 1940's, ​are too small​​ and require an upgrade to increase capacity and hydrant flow.  Also, ​the pavement at some of these locations is poor and in need of replacement.

Work to be done

  • Installation of new 8-inch water mains 

  • Pavement replacement

  • Some curb, sidewalk and ramps will be replaced for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance

  • Catch basins and storm leads replacements

Impacts to residents

  • Phase 1 inner roads will be reduced to one-way traffic for the duration of work. Driveway access for local residents ​will be maintained, but may include delay during working hours. 

  • On-street parking will be restricted during the day but will be allowed overnight 8 p.m. to 7 a.m., to allow room for construction access and operations. Access to driveways will be restored at the end of each work day. ​

  • Phase 2 Hatcher and Saunders residents will see​​ construction vehicle traffic in 2023 as contractor access the Phase 1 inner roads. Phase 2 roads will be under construction during the 2024 construction season and reduced to one-way traffic during work.

  • Water service will be interrupted for short durations during service switch over to the new water main. Disruptions will be limited, and residents will be informed in advance. 

  • General noise and dust from equipment, including​ during site excavation.

Costs and funding source

City Street, Bridge, and Sidewalk Millage, and Drinking Water Funds will fund the work on this project. 

  • ​Contract to be awarded at the June 5th Council Meeting. ​​

Project materials and resources​

​Project manager:

Nicholas Bayley, PE
734.794.6410 x43685

Douglas Egeler,
Civil Engineering Specialist 5,