Crescents Water Main and Road Improvements Project


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Project Limits​

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Nicholas Bayley, P.E. Project Manager
[email protected]
​734.794.6410 x43685​

March 20, 2024 project update:

  • Construction to begin Wednesday, April 3, 2024
  • The 1950s cast iron water main is to be replaced with a new ductile iron main; the road will be repaved, and curb and catch basins will be added as needed
  • The project is to be split into two phases so that the entire area won't be a construction zone. 

On-site contacts:

Ammar Hamamy
City of Ann Arbor Inspector
[email protected]


  • March-July (Phase 1) Creal, Argyle Helen: install 4,300 ft of 8-inch watermain and replace 26 storm structures. This phase will be base paved before we start on the next phase in order to minimize errant​ dust and disruption to local residents.

  • July-Oct (Phase 2) Hatcher, Saunders, and Cooley: Install 5,000 ft of 8-inch watermain, replace 24 storm structures, and add a pedestrian bump-out at Saunders and Hillridge. ​

​​Traffic, Parking and Access

  • On-street parking will be restricted where posted to overnight only, 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. ​

  • Local access for vehicular and pedestrian traffic will be maintained.

  • Access to driveways will be restored at the end of each workday.

  • Access to driveways will be maintained except for brief periods. The contractor is expected to provide appropriate notification.

  • During the pavement construction, however, there will be unavoidable disruptions to street and driveway access; properties will be notified of the expected time and duration. Depending on the ambient temperature, concrete can take 2-3 days to cure, and asphalt may take several hours to cool.

  • Trash, recycling, and compost collection, water sanitary and storm service, emergency vehicle access, and mail delivery will be maintained throughout the project.

  • Use onsite contacts for accessibility issues. ​

Water Service

Water service will generally be maintained during construction with a few exceptions:

  • There will be a planned water service interruption (6-8 hours during the day) when the new water mains are tied into the existing mains. Orange door-hanger notifications will be distributed at least 24 hours in advance.
  • There will be a brief water service interruption (approx. 30 minutes) when the water service is transferred to the new main. In-person notification (knock on the door or ring the doorbell) will occur immediately prior to the brief interruption.

Due to the need to open and close water main valves in the vicinity, it is normal for some sediment to be disturbed. As a result, you may observe water that appears cloudy or rusty. While undesirable, the sediment is not harmful and can be cleared by running cold water for several minutes. It is recommended that you run water from a basement faucet or the faucet closest to the water meter.

Orangeburg Sanitary Laterals

If you have any history of sanitary problems, please take this opportunity to investigate with a licensed plumber if the sanitary lateral (pipe that goes from the home to the City Sewer) needs to be replaced. Doing this now will save you money on pavement restoration and avoid a patch in the new roadway. ​​

Cost and Funding Source

City Street, Bridge, Sidewalk Millage, and Drinking Water Funds will fund the work on this project. ​