South Seventh Street and Greenview Drive Resurfacing and Water Main Relocation Project

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Next steps

On Sept. 21, 2022, the Transportation Commission made a motion to eliminate on-street parking along South Seven Street between Braeside Place and Lawton Elementary School for the installation of buffered bike Lanes. The Transportation Commission's recommendation to City Council exceed staff's proposal for a designated bicycle lane. This project went to City Council for approval on Nov. 10, 2022.   

Through a resolution on November 10, 2022 City Council directed the City Administrator to develop new designs for South Seventh between Scio Church and Delaware that narrow the road using speed management tools such as, but not limited to, chicanes, pinch points, and/or mini roundabouts to slow traffic to safe neighborhood speeds, and then integrate an appropriate all ages and abilities bike route for a neighborhood street; and additional public engagement shall be conducted to present the new designs to the public for feedback, then the designs will go to the Transportation Commission, then to City Council if necessary.


Due to the new design schedule, the project will not be built until 2024. Date for public engagement TBD.​​​​​​

Project limits7th St Cover Sheet Location Map.jpg

  • South Seventh Street, Scio Church Road to Lawton Elementary

  • Greenview Drive, Scio Church Road to South Seventh Street

Why is this project being done?

The existing water mains are undersized and require an upgrade to increase capacity and hydrant flow.  Also, the current condition of the pavement at some of these locations is poor and in need of replacement.

Work to be done:

  • The existing water mains will be replaced with larger water mains to increase capacity.

  • The existing pavement will be replaced.

  • Some existing curb, sidewalk and ramps will be replaced for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.

  • Some storm water improvements will be done.

  • South Seventh Street is an All Ages and Abilities Route, so some safety improvement features are being considered.  These include the elimination of existing on-street parking, new bike lanes, installing new crosswalks with bump-outs at each intersection in the project limits along South Seventh Street.

Possible impact to residents:

  • South Seventh Street and Greenview Drive will be closed to through traffic for the duration of the construction.  The two streets will be phased for the benefit of the school schedule and minimizing resident intrusion.  Driveway access for local traffic will be maintained, but may include delays during working hours.  Cross street traffic will be maintained as much as possible.

  • Water service will be interrupted for short durations during water main installation. Disruptions will be limited, and residents will be informed in advance.

  • General noise and dust from equipment, particularly during site excavation.

  • Possible installation of mid-block curb bump outs may eliminate some on-street parking along South Seventh St. It is also possible that some parkin​g could be removed from the first block of Scio Church depending on the design that is selected.​

Costs and funding source

City Street, Bridge, and Sidewalk Millage, Federal Funding, Storm Utility Funds, and Drinking Water Funds will fund the work on this project. 

Project materials

Sept. 13, 2022 virtual information session

  • A re​cording of this session is now available on YouTube
  • Discussion of the proposed transportation elements begins at the 10:40 mark in the video​.
  • Questions from the survey and information session are available​ (PDF). ​

Fall 2022 survey

A survey s​um​mary (PDF) but a​ full set of responses is available here.


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Project Manager 

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Civil Engineer
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