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Argo Canoe Livery and Gallup Canoe Livery ​are two locations on the Huron River each offering different river trips, boats and programs.

Counter Map 2016v2.jpgRiver Trips

Argo to Gallup River Trip - 3.7 miles, 1.5 hours

The Argo to Gallup River Trip starts with kayaking or rafting the Argo Cascades, or bypass them if you choose, and ends with a relaxing paddle down the picturesque Huron River.  Last rental for this trip is 4 p.m.

Argo to Gallup River Trip Schedule

Closed for the season.

Argo to Gallup Boats

  • $27/canoe
  • $27/2-person kayak
  • $21/1-person kayak
  • $72/5-person raft

Barton to Gallup River Trip - 5.7 miles, 2.5 hours

The Barton to Gallup River Trip starts at the Gallup Livery with a van ride upriver to Barton Park. A longer river trip with a 2-mile paddle through Argo Pond, paddling down the Argo Cascades, and a relaxing paddle down the river current back to Gallup Park.  

Barton to Gallup River Trip Schedule 

Closed for the season. 

Barton to Gallup Boats

  • $32/2-person kayak
  • $26/1-person kayak
  • Canoes and rafts are not available for this trip

Stillwater Paddles

Paddle a boat on the river where there is little or no current. Great for beginners and families, no van ride needed, just jump in a boat and off you go. Last boat rented is 5 p.m. which is 2 hours prior to closing at 7 p.m.

Gallup Canoe Livery - 2.5 mile Gallup Pond

​Boat ​Time ​Cost
​1-person Kayak ​2 hours​$15/boat
​2-person Kayak/Canoe​2 hours​$20/boat
​Paddleboat​1 hour​$12/boat
​Rowboat​2 hours​$24/boat

Argo Livery - 2 mile Argo Pond

​Boat ​Time ​Cost
​1-person Kayak ​2 hours​$15/boat
​2-person Kayak/Canoe​2 hours​$20/boat
​Stand Up Paddleboard​2 hour​$21/boat

Rent a Tube

Float down the Argo Cascades, walk back to the top and repeat the fun! One-person per tube, ages 8 years and above. Shoes required (no flip flops). Tubes are just for use in the cascades and do not go down the river to Gallup Park. No van transportation provided for tubes. 

Tube Schedule 

Closed for the season.

Have Your Own Tube?

Tube the river details on routes to take, where to park and a map of the river. 

River Program Registration

We offer many fun river events and programs such as preschool programs, river camps, night paddles, boat auctions and trick or treating on the river. Register or view programs online or if have questions call Gallup Park 734.794.6240. Gallup Canoe Livery ​for program details.

"Do Not Eat Fi​​​sh" From the Huron River Advisory Issued by the State of Michigan

The advisory includes that "touching the fish or water and swimming in these water bodies is NOT CONSIDERED a health concern.Therefore, the Gallup and Argo canoe liveries will maintain full operations. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is advising residents to avoid swallowing foam on the Huron River as it may contain high amounts of PFAS. ​ Visit the PFAS webpage for additional information​.​

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Gallup Canoe Livery

3000 Fuller Road
Cheryl Saam, Recreation Supervisor

The canoe liveries are closed for the season. The Gallup Park meeting room and Gallup Park office are open year around.

Argo Canoe Livery

1055 Longshore Drive
Cheryl Saam, Recreation Supervisor