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Own a Tube    Rent a Tube

Did you know you can br​​ing your own tube or rent a tube from the Argo Canoe Livery? The Huron River is a generally a slow and lazy river except for the drops in the Argo Cascades. The Argo Cascades opened in May 2012 to provide a series of nine drops and pools for the public to enjoy using tubes, rafts, and kayaks. The Cascades are located in the Huron River below the Argo Canoe Livery and near the Broadway Bridges overpass. Tubes rented from the Argo Livery are required to stay in the Argo Cascades.

Have your own tube?

​​We suggest tubing where there is a current to best help you float down the river. Please note you are responsible for your own transportation. You can park a car or bike at the end of your tube adventure or walk back up the trail next to the river.  

Best route if have your own tube

The best stretch of river to tube is located between the Argo Cascades and the University of Michigan Arboretum. This is the only section of the river with a moving current for tubes. 

Parking near the river:​

  • Park at 900 Wall St. in the University of Michigan Eye Center parking lot on weekends. Please cross the road, walk to the river and follow the trail up to the Argo Cascades.
  • Park second car or bike at Island Park, Mitchell Field or Furstenburg Park depending on where you want to end tubing.
  • Do not park at Argo Park or Gallup Park for there is limited or no parking spots available in these parks on weekends.
  • Parking is usually available in one of the Argo Livery parking lots on weekdays. 
  • Park at Island Park or Furstenburg Park.
  • Do not park at University of Michigan Eye Center or University of Michigan Mitchell Field ​on weekdays between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.​​​

Start at Argo Cascades and tube down to:

Island Park - One mile float with an easy walk back up river.

UM Arboretum - Two mile float. Walk out to Mitchell Field where parking is available on weekends and evenings. Or walk out from the arboretum.

Furstenburg Park - Three mile float. Exit the river on the left or north side of river and walk out to Furstenburg parking lot located at the intersection of Huron High School entrance drive. 

Do not tube down to Gallup Park. The last one mile stretch of the river does not have a current.

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Tube Rentals at Argo Canoe Livery

Rent a tube at the Argo Livery, ​​float down the Argo Cascades, walk back to the top and repeat the fun! One-person per tube, ages 8 years and above. Shoes required. No coolers. Rented tubes are just for use in the cascades and do not go down the river past the cascades. People average three to four tube rides down the cascades in a two-hour rental. No van transportation provided for tube rentals or personal tubes.​
Tube Rental Fee

$10/tube, 2-hour rental

Tips for tubing the river:

  • Argo and Gallup Canoe Liveries do not provide van transportation for people with personal or rented tubes.
  • ​​To paddle the 3.7 miles river trip from Argo to Gallup rent a canoe, kayak or raft from the Argo Livery​ and van transportation is included for livery boats and customers.
  • No alcohol is permitted in City of Ann Arbor parks
  • No glass bottles
  • Wear a lifejacket
  • Wear shoes - cut feet are frequent injuries on the river
  • There is not an air pump or outlet to fill personal tubes at Argo
  • High water caution - if canoe liveries are closed for river trips that means the river is high, flowing fast and is too dangerous for boats and tubes. Check the City Liveries website​ if there are restrictions due to river conditions.

​​City of Ann Arbor Parks - General Regulations

​​​​While in a park, no person shall:

  • ​​Consume any alcoholic liquor​​
  • Damage public property or litter in a park​​
  • Use any device transmitting electronically amplified sound​​
  • Swim except in areas specifically designated for such purpose