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Site Description and History​​

This property has a water tower, electric vehicle filling stations, a gas-filling station for city-owned vehicles, and a collection of buildings being used by various City departments, including the AAHC. The water tower will be preserved but the other structures will be demolished., ​This site is currently zoned PL (Public Land). ​

Supporting Documents

City Council Resolutions​

R-19​​-109 Directing the Planning Commission to consider the benefit of downtown affordable housing premiums​

R-19-1​38 Directing AAHC & Administration to analyze 10 properties​

​​​​​​​​R-19​-111​ Directing AAHC & Administration to analyze 2000 S Industrial

​R-19-516​ Further analysis for development at 2000 S Industrial​

Affordable Housing Planning & Zoning

Zoning​​ Analysis - multiple sites

S Industrial and Stadium Design Ideas by DFDG


2000 S Industrial Appraisal 2019


​​2000 S INDUSTRIAL ALTA Survey 2022-7-13

Title Work

2000 S Industrial Title Search

Legal Documents

2000 S Industrial Corrective Action Notice Underground Storage Tank

Environmental Reports