1510 E Stadium Blvd (Former Fire Station #2)


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Site Description and History​

This property is the site of Ann Arbor Fire Station #2, an approximately 6,452 SF, two-story building with a full basement, plus a 4,770 SF garage that is currently being used to store city-owned vehicles. It is currently zoned R1C (Single-Family Dwelling). ​​​​​In July 2024, City Council approved the sale of the site to the Ann Arbor Housing Development Corporation (AAHDC), a Michigan nonprofit whose sole member is the AAHC.

Supporting Documents

City Council Resolutions​​

R-19​​-109 Directing the Planning Commission to consider the benefit of downtown affordable housing premiums​

R-19-1​38 Directing AAHC & Administration to analyze 10 properties

​​​​​​​R-19-116​ Directing AAHC & Administration to analyze 1510 E Stadium​​

​R-19-520​ Further analysis for development at 1510 E Stadium​​

R-21-135 Development of 1510 E Stadium​​

R-24-268 Resolution to Sell 1510 E. Stadium Blvd. to the Ann Arbor Housing Development Corporation

Affordable Housing Planning & Zoning

Zoning​​ Analysis - multiple sites

S Industrial and Stadium Design Ideas by​​​​​ DFDG


1510 E Stadium Appraisal ​2019

1510 Stadum Appraisal 2022

Environmental Reports

1510 E Stadium ACM Report 2003