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Mission ​Statement

Ann Arbor Housing Commission (AAHC) seeks to provide desirable housing and related supportive services for low-income individuals and families on a transitional and/or permanent basis. AAHC partners with housing and service providers to build healthy residential communities and promote an atmosphere of pride and responsibility.​

Ann Arbor Housing Commission Agency Plan

The Ann Arbor Housing Commission is dedicated to meet the local housing needs and goals. Annually, the commission assesses the needs and creates a plan that addresses the policies, programs, operations and strategies required to meet those needs and goals. This comprehensive plan is required by HUD and is known as the Annual Agency Plan​

In the News

Resolution of Support for the Black Lives Matter Movement

The League Of Women Voters Ann Arbor Area, Unitarian Universalist Civic Engagement Group (UUCivs), and the Ann Arbor Housing Commission (AAHC) are hosting two non-partisan Voter Registration/Absentee Ballot drive events.  These events will take place on Tuesday September 22nd 2020 at Miller Manor (727 Miller Ave./Ann Arbor, MI) from 11am-2pm in the Community Room, and at Baker Commons (106 Packard St./Ann Arbor, MI) from 3pm-5pm in the Community Room.  

Do YOU want to register to vote or need to apply for an absentee ballot? Call the nonpartisan Voting Helpline for whatever help you need to vote (and vote safely from home). Email VotingHelpine@gmail.com; or call 1-855-VOTE-311 (1-855-868-3311). A Helper can also get you a free Voting Kit. The Kit  provides everything needed to register to vote, get an absentee ballot, and return your ballot (forms, stamps, pen, and a Helper on the phone!). Deadline: September 30.  [These non-partisan services are provided by the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice (ICPJ) and UUCivs of uuaa.org.]


Voting fun facts...did you know: 

  • Every Michigan voter has the right to get an absentee ballot?
  • There are free Helpers on-call to help you register to vote or get an absentee ballot? (1-855-VOTE-311)
  • You can still decide to vote in person if you get an absentee ballot?


Public Notice


AAHC is making available Project‐Based Vouchers to support affordable housing within the City of Ann Arbor. Up to 150 vouchers are available through this RFP process.

RFP-71620 is available September 9, 2020. An optional Pre-bid conference will be held by Zoom on September 17, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. Contact Weneshia Brand to RSVP. We recommend prospective proposers submit written questions in advance of the Pre-bid Conference, via email, no later than 12:00 p.m., on September 16, 2020 at WRBrand@a2gov.org. Proposers will be permitted to ask additional questions at the Proposers’ Conference.

Proposals must be received by AAHC no later than 2:00 p.m. on October 21, 2020. Proposers should refer to the RFP for submission requirements. The anticipated award date of the Agreement(s) to the Selected Proposer(s) is on or about November 9, 2020. The earliest contract award start date is January 1, 2021, but the HAP agreement start date may be up to December 2024.

COVID-19 Notice


AAHC Offices During COVID-19

In an effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Ann Arbor Housing Commission is taking proactive steps to follow MDHHS and  county health officials’ recommendations and City of Ann Arbor directives.

As of March 16, 2020  the offices at 727 Miller (Miller Manor), 2000 S. Industrial, 106 Packard (Baker Commons), and 717 N Maple (West Arbor) are closed but staff are working from home and can be reached by email or phone.

  • All staff contact information is listed at the bottom of this webpage.
  • Please contact our main phone line at 734 794-6720 for all concerns. If you leave a voicemail, staff are responding to  voice mail and email from home.
  • Maintenance staff will continue to respond to emergency and urgent work orders only.

  • Finance staff will continue to pay all rent to landlords, utility allowance checks, and invoices from contractors.
  • If you have lost your job or have reduced income, please contact our office immediately so that we can complete an Interim Change Certification.
  • Rent will still be collected and can be placed in our drop boxes or mailed to 2000 S. Industrial, Ann Arbor 48104
  • Documents and rent can be left in our locked drop boxes outside the front door at 2000 S. Industrial and 727 Miller and inside the front door at 106 Packard.
  • Tenants at Green-Baxter and Hikone may continue to leave documents in the Community Center.
  • Additional outdoor locked boxes are installed at
    1504 Broadway, 2724 Hikone, 880 S. Maple (Maple Meadows) and 717 N Maple (West Arbor).
  • Annual certifications will still be processed to the best of our abilities. A container of blank forms are located outside the 727 Miller office door for tenants to pick up
  • We will not be pulling new names from our waitlist for vouchers or to fill vacant units.
  • Applicants who are in process, please contact your case worker.

As of April 10, 2020, HUD has issued some significant regulatory waivers. These waivers all us to continuing with all operations, including income certifications, rent payments to landlords and rent collection from tenants.  

Please check this website for updates on a regular basis, as it may change quickly.

Tenant Rights: Eviction During COVID-19


Click here to reach out to one of our community's Barrier Busters agencies to help you pay your bills as soon as possible. A full list of Barrier Busters agencies can be found at Washtenaw.org/2818.

​Staff Listing

Main phone line at 734 794-6720, and then dial the extension. For
Emergency Maintenance request during non-business hours, dial 734-794-6720 extension 2

Administration —

Executive​e Direct​or: 
Jennifer Hall, jhall@a2gov.org, ext. 47201​ 

Director of Operations: 
Weneshia Brand, wrbrand@a2gov.org, ext. 47203​

Finance Director: 

Ulrike Raak, URaak@a2gov.org, ext. 47204

Financial Analyst: 
Teresa Calvert, tcalvert@a2gov.org, ext. 47205​​

Accounting​ ​Clerk: 
Kim Kachur, kkachur@a2gov.org​, ext. 47245​

Administrative Assistant:
Terrence Holman, tholman@a2gov.org, ext. 47222

Tom-Meka Baskin, tbaskin@a2gov.org ext. 47230

Voucher Program Manager—

Misty Hendershot, mhendershot@a2gov.org, ext 47212

Voucher Occupa​ncy Specialists —

Maria Spencer, mspencer@a2gov.org, ext. 47214

Robin Hester, rhester@a2gov.org, ext. 47213

Brookanne Maitland, bmaitland@a2gov.org, ext. 47217​

Katrisha Kelly, KKelly@a2gov.org, ext. 47311

Sharice Miller, SMiller@a2gov.org, ext. 47228

Lisa Lavan, LLavan@a2gov.org, ext. 47207


HCV and Affordable Housing Waiting List  -

Occupancy​/Waitlist Specialist: 

Angela Killom,  AKillom@a2gov.org, ext. 47215

Family Self-Sufficiency Program -

FSS/Supportive Services Coordin​​ator: 
Wade Smith, wsmith@a2gov.org, ext. 47209​

Bonnie Miller, BoMiller@a2gov.org, ext. 47218

Affordable H​ousing —

Residency​ Manager: 
Beth Yaroch, eyaroch@a2gov.org, ext. 47206


Occupancy​​ Specialist: 
LaTonya Brown, lbrown@a2gov.org, ext. 47224 

Marilyn Watson-White, MWatson@a2gov.org, ext. 47221​

Makia Slaughter, MSlaughter@a2gov.org, ext. 47219

Evangelina Vassallo, EVassallo@a2gov.org, ext. 47397

Facility​​ Manager: 

Tim Olivier,TOlivier@a2gov.org, ext. 47229

Maintenance Techn​icia​ns —

TJ Irvine
Dave Kirk
Eric Sexton

After hours work order li​​ne: 734.​​794.6720, ext. 2​​​

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Ann Arbor Housing Commissions

727 Miller Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Monday-Friday Hours:

9 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m.

Email: housingcommission@a2gov.org
PH: 734.794-6720
Fax: 734.994-0781


Finance and Administrative Office

2000  S. Industrial Street
Ann Arbor, MI  48104

Monday-Friday Hours: 8 a.m-4 p.m.

Email: kkachur@a2gov.org
PH: 734.794-6720 x47205
Fax: 734.996-3018

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