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March 24, 2023 update

Phase 1 of the project began on 3/20 with work between South Maple Rd. and South Seventh St.

The existing pavement was removed and grading for the new pavement was completed for a section of the project near the intersection with South Maple Rd.  Some existing sidewalks were also removed in various locations along the project in preparation for sidewalk and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramp upgrades.

The work for the next week will include the following:

  • Monday to Friday (3/27 – 3/31): This week will consist of the installation of new water main services to connect various residents to a larger diameter and newer water main. Residents will be notified before any service disruptions are caused by this work. A subcontractor will also begin concrete paving near the intersection with South Maple Rd. where removals took place this past week.

Scio Church Rd. remains closed for the duration of Phase 1 and a detour has been posted. Scio Church Rd. remains open to local traffic only. The Scio Church Rd. & South Maple Rd. intersection will continue to operate to alleviate vehicle congestion due to the Liberty St. bridge lane restrictions. Along certain sidewalk segments, detouring of pedestrians will be required to maintain pedestrian safety.​​

Detour Routes

Road closures and detour details will be made via the city's road and lane closure page, press releases and email. Please visit for the latest closure information and to sign up for email and text alerts. ​​

Resident Notification Letters

Notification letters​ (PDF) are being distributed to all impacted residences. These letters contain information critical to the success of the project including schedules, contacts, water service impacts, as well as parking and sidewalk access. ​​

Why is this project being done?​

Some existing water services and hydrants are on existing water mains that are undersized and are to be abandoned.  These leads will be transferred to the newer and larger water main in the street.  Additionally, the current condition of the pavement is poor and in need of replacement.

Work to be done

  • The existing water main leads will be relocated to the newer, larger water main to increase capacity.

  • The existing pavement will be replaced from S. Maple Road to S. Seventh Street.

  • Some existing curb, sidewalk and ramps will be replaced for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.

  • Some storm water improvements will be done throughout the project, as well as within the median between Scio Church Road and the service drive between Greenview Drive and S. Seventh Street, similar to the median east of S. Seventh Street.

  • Some safety improvement features will be installed including new buffered bike lanes, filling sidewalk gaps, and installing new crosswalks. Three new crosswalks will be installed in between Covington and Old Pear Tree Ct, near Churchill Drive, and near Mershon Drive. In addition, a connection sidewalk between Yeoman Court and Scio Church will be installed.

Possible impact to residents

  • ​During Phase 1 (March 15, 2023 to May 26th, 2023), Scio Church Road will closed to through traffic in both eastbound and westbound directions. Driveway access for local traffic will be maintained but may include delay during working hours.  Cross street traffic will be maintained as much as possible. Some possible short-term road closures to complete water main service transfers.

  • During Phase 2 and 3 (May 26th, 2023 to August 18th, 2023) Scio Church Road will be open for eastbound traffic while a detour will be in place for westbound traffic for the remainder of construction.  Driveway access for local traffic will be maintained but may include delay during working hours.  Cross street traffic will be maintained as much as possible. Some possible short-term road closures to complete water main service transfers.

  • The project should be substantially completed on August 18, 2023 and fully completed by October 20, 2023.

  • Water service will be interrupted for short durations during water main relocation for a few residents. Disruptions will be limited, and residents will be informed in advance. 

  • General noise and dust from equipment, particularly during site excavation.

How is this being funded?​

City Street, Bridge, and Sidewalk Millage, Federal Funding, Storm Utility Funds, and Drinking Water Funds will fund much of the work on this project.  New sidewalks adjacent to taxable properties will be funded by the New Sidewalk Millage which was approved in the November 2020 election. This project is being partially funded through the MDOT Local Agency Program. 

Project materials

Feb. 2023 project engineering plans (PDF) 

Jan. 29, 2020 public, meeting​

  • What transportation features would you like to see along Scio Church Rd., S. Maple to S. Seventh St.? Online Survey Results 

  • A poll was mailed to addresses along Scio Church Rd. from west of Waltham Drive to Greenvie​w Drive to gauge support for the removal of on-street parking to accommodate bike lanes. Results are provided: ​Parking Removal Postcard Response Summary (PDF)

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Project manager:​

Christopher Wall (he/him)

[email protected]

734.947.2607 x43661​