Licenses and Permits

​​​​​The City Clerk's Office is responsible for issuing many permits and licenses. The majority of the licenses and permits issued by the City Clerk's Office can be applied for online. Some of the forms included on this page can be completed and mailed with proper payment to the City Clerk's Office​. Applications can also be made in person weekdays 8AM to 5PM.​​​

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​​​ Second floor, 301 E. Huron Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

8 a.m.-12 p.m., 1 p.m.-5 p.m.
(excluding holidays)

Jacqueline Beaudry,
City Clerk

Fax: 734.994.8296

​​Aucti​oneer License

Chapter 78 of the City Code provides information about engaging in the trade or business of an auctioneer. Apply online here.

Backyard ​Chicken or Duck Permits

Chapter 107 of the City Code provides information about keeping chickens and ducks domestically. Apply online here.

Chapter 82 of the City Code regulates signs and outdoor advertising. Although banners are generally prohibited, special event banner permits can be issued under subsection 5:507(10). Apply online here.

Block Party Permits

Save a trip to City Hall and send in your block party application by email at [email protected] or apply online here! No fees attached!​ Applications must be received at least 10 business days before the permit is needed.

Charita​ble Gaming License

The Traxler-McCauley-Law-Bowman Bingo Act, Act 382 of 1972, allows for the issuance of charitable gaming licenses to many types of organizations, including local civic organizations. The requirements for qualifying as a local civic organizations include a stipulation that the organization is recognized by resolution adopted by the local governmental subdivision in which the organization conducts its principal activities. To find out if your organization requires the form below, a more complete definition is able in the Definitions section of the law. 

Commercial Applicator of Pavement Sealant Registration

Chapter 71 of the City Code requires all commercial applicators of pavement sealant to register with the City. More information on coal tar-based sealants and the City's Ordinance is available on the City's Coal Tar Sealants page. Apply online here.

Commercial Quadricycle Operating Permit

Chapter 131 of the City Code describes the application process to operate a commercial quadricycle. Apply online here.

Dog License

Chapter 107 of the City Code describes the dog licensing process and related ordinances. Additional information is available on the City's Dog Licensing page. Apply online here.

Dog Park Permit

Information about dog parks is on the City's Dog Parks page. Apply online here.

Domestic Partnerships

Chapter 101 of the City Code governs domestic partnerships in the City. Apply online here.

Ge​​m and Precious Metal Dealer Application

The Precious Metal and Gem Dealer Act, Act 95 of 1981, requires  dealers to apply to the local police agency for a certificate of registration. Apply online here.

Going ​Out of Business Sales

Chapter 89 of the City Code regulates selling or offering to sell any goods at a sale to be advertised or held out by any means to be one of the following kinds:

  1. Going-out-of-business sale;

  2. Removal-of-business sale;

  3. Sale of goods damaged by fire, smoke or otherwise.

The City Clerk is charged with receiving applications relating to sales under this chapter of the City Code. Apply online here.

Liquor Licenses

Chapter 109 of the City Code governs the liquor licensing policy for the City.

Manufactu​red Fertilizer Registration

Chapter 70 of the City Code regulates the use of manufactured fertilizer, specifically requiring all commercial and institutional applicators to register with the City. Apply online here.

Marijuana ​Facility Permits

Chapter 96 of the City Code regulates marijuana facilities. The necessary steps to obtain a marijuana facility permitting are explained on the Planning Department's Marijuana FAQ page, and begin with the Planning Department. More detailed information is available on the Marijuana Information page. Apply online here.

Temporary Exemptions from the Maximum Permissible Sound Levels

Chapter 119 of the City Code establishes maximum permissible decibel levels, but also allows the city administrator to grant temporary exemptions from maximum permissible levels. Please allow at least 5 business days for review. Apply online here.

County​​ Clerk's Office Licenses and Servi​ces

The County Clerk's Office, located at 200 N. Main Street, Downtown Ann Arbor, offers a different set of services, including:

State Licenses

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) oversees the licensing and regulation at the state level. More information is available below about taxicabs as this industry was previously regulated by the City. 

Taxicabs, Limousines, and TNCs

Taxicabs, limousines, and TNCs operate under the Limousine, Taxicab, and Transportation Network Act, Act 345 of 2016. Limousines are not regulated by the City of Ann Arbor and may not act as a taxicab or present themselves as a taxi or offer taxicab services. Limos may only take pre-arranged rides and these rides are typically at a set, predetermined price or fixed fee.

Taxicab regulation and licensing is managed by the State of Michigan. More information is available on the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs web page.

TNCs or transportation network companies offer opportunities for passengers and drivers to use smart phone apps to arrange for rides for fares. TNC companies and drivers are not regulated or licensed by the City. More information is available on the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs web page. ​