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About the Ann Arbor Citizens Academy

With the success of the Ann Arbor Citizens Police, Fire, and Courts Academy, City staff decided to launch the Ann Arbor Citizens Academy (A2CA) as a sister academy to provide a broader view of local government for Ann Arbor residents.

During a series of weekly sessions, participants connect with City staff and elected officials in order to discover what goes into both long term planning and day-to-day operations throughout Ann Arbor. City staff hopes participants will be motivated to play a more active role in shaping the future of Ann Arbor, after participating in A2CA tours, presentations, and interactive activities designed to deepen the understanding of governmental functions and services.

Public Works Session Tour 

 (Photograph by Jonah Copi,  2018 A2CA Graduate)

Schedule for Spring 2018

Application Period

The application period closed at 5:00 PM on March 2, 2018.

Selection of Participants

Applicants were notified of acceptance decisions.

2018 Sessions

​City Management
Finance & Budgeting
Voting & Elections
​City Hall
301 E. Huron St.
​Parks & Recreation
Planning & Preservation
Cobblestone Farm
2781 Packard St.
​Public Works
​Wheeler Center
4251 Stone School Rd.


​ Sustainability
Water Quality
​Water Treatment Plant
919 Sunset Rd.
​Police Services
Fire Services
​Justice Center
301 E. Huron St.
​Community Television
City Council
​CTN Studio
2805 S. Industrial Hwy.
Suite #200
​Graduation ​ ​
​City Hall
301 E. Huron St.



(Photograph by Jonah Copi, 2018 A2CA Graduate)

Applying to the Ann Arbor Citizens Academy

The application period for the 2018 A2CA is now closed.

The application consisted of two components. One component was the mandatory application form. The second component took the form of a photo challenge. City staff hoped all applicants would complete both components, but only the application was mandatory. Additionally, each component could be completed at different times, applications were free to submit an application and come back to the photo challenge at a later date.

Photo Challenge

This is the fun part of the application process, City staff hopes the Photo Challenge will get applicants out exploring the City. It is easy as taking a photo of yourself with each of the people or places listed below.  

Photo Challenge Objectives

  • Your favorite bridge in the City
  • Your favorite City park 
  • A rain garden in the City
  • A City police officer or firefighter
  • A location used to hold public meetings by the City
  • The outside of your polling place or the City's oldest continuously operating polling place

We are looking forward to seeing what great photos you all come up with!

Once you have snapped your heart out, send an email with your name in the subject line and attach all photos in an email of less than 25MB to to get the bonus points added to your application.


The Ann Arbor Citizens Academy is designed to give an overview of the City government for adult residents of the City of Ann Arbor. Consequently, applicants who are under 18 years of age will not be considered, preference will be given to residents of the City of Ann Arbor over non-residents, and applicants agreeing to attend all sessions will also be given preference over those who cannot make such a commitment.

Once applications are sorted based on the above criteria, City staff will evaluate the responses to the short answer questions on the application and give each response a score between 0 and 10 for a total of up to 20 points. If short answers and writing are not your strong suit, do not worry,  you have a chance to get up to 15 bonus points added to your application by participating in the photo challenge.  

Using the above criteria, the 25 top-scoring participants will be selected for admission into the 2018 academy. For admission purposes, when two or more applicants receive in the same score, preference will be given to applicants based on the order in which their Online Applicant Form was submitted.   

Participants will be notified by March 9, 2018 of all acceptance decisions.

Ann Arbor Citizens Academy

Kelly Beattie

Academy Coordinator

(734) 794-6000 Ext. 41413