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Proposing a Special Park Project

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​​​​​​Do you want to propose a park improvement or special project?

The Ann Arbor park system is large and diverse with 161 park properties entailing over 2,100 acres of park land. Park land is public land for the use and enjoyment of all while the maintenance, operations and rules of use are guided and implemented by parks and recreation staff. Staff are responsible for carrying out the policies and ordinances established by the Parks Advisory Commission​ and our city council. Staff also respond to the requests and desires of our community. Of course, we wouldn't be government if we didn't have procedures, protocols and processes to follow! These help ensure the project goes through an appropriate review process and involves community and relevant staff.

With that said, GIVE 365 and the Adopt-a-Park program thrive on community engagement and welcome community suggestions, ideas and donations! If you have an idea for​ something that relates to a park and believe this can benefit the community, Adopt-a-Park offers a starting point. Whether it's simple or complex, we ask you to review the Special Park Project Guide (PDF 243KB​) and reach out with questions to [email protected] or call 734.794.6445.​

If you are interested in donating a tree to a city park, please refer to our Tree Donation Guide and Application (PDF 146KB) and send a completed application to [email protected] or 1519 Fuller Rd. Email or call 734.794.6445 with questions.

Visit the Donate to Parks page for information about donating a memorial bench or other items to Ann Arbor parks and recreation.


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