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Parks and Recreation Gifts & Donations
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Gifts and Donation Program Temporarily Closed
Note: The gifts and donations program is temporarily​ closed. It will be relaunching in 2024. Please check back in January for updates. Thank you for your interest in donating to our park system!

The City of Ann Arbor gratefully accepts gifts and donations from individuals, businesses, and community organizations for its park system. The Ann Arbor park system has a wide range of sites th​​at would benefit from gifts. The City will entertain suggestions and welcome creative ideas for donations.​

All gifts and donations received become property of the City of Ann Arbor.

Gift Guidelines

As of Sept. 1, 2013 all proposed gifts located in parks are subject to these guidelines.

Approval of Gifts and Donations​

After receipt of the donation application form, parks and recreation staff will contact the potential donor. Gifts must align with the mission, policies, and goals of the Parks and Recreation system. Gifts can not be limited by any special restrictions, impose budgetary obligations, or increase maintenance. Please note that not all parks have a need for a new amenity. Staff may suggest other locations or gift ideas. The city retains the right to decline gifts deemed unsuitable.

Recognition​​ of Gifts

Plaques or signs at the gift site are recognized for a gift of $5,000 or greater. Permanency is limited to 10 years from the date of installation. The donor is responsible for the purchase and fabrication of the plaque. Language must be approved by parks and recreation staff prior to fabrication. The plaque purchase is the responsibility of the donor. If the plaque needs to be replaced, the donor will be responsible for that.

Installation and Mainten​​ance

The ​city will make all effort to install gifts in a timely manner. However, due to lead times for ordering materials, planting season limitations and staffing,​ the city cannot guarantee installing gifts by a required date.

If a donation is damaged (except for plaques) within the 10 year period, the city will repair or replace the item. If the donation needs to be removed for any reason within this period, the City will contact the donor using the provided contact information. The city will discuss an alternate location for reinstallation, at the city’s cost. After 10 years, the City may remove the donated item at its discretion. Reasons for removal may include change of park use, damage, or excessive wear.

We also have a searchable map ​showing the location and general info of our memorials.  

​Beyond Benches and​​ Trees

This list includes examples of gifts that Parks would welcome:

  • Asphalt​ Pathways – $40 per linear foot

  • Summer Camp Scholarships – $210 per child

  • Native Wildflower & Grasses Planting – $500-$1,5

  • 00

  • ns – $3,000-$6,000 each

  • Drinking Fountains (for people and dogs) – $4,000

  • Basketball/Tennis Court Refurbishment – ​$50,000 per c​ourt

  • Boardwalks – $50,000-$100,000

  • Picnic Shelter (Particular Needs at: Furstenberg and Buhr Parks) – $65,000-$100,000

  • Skatepark Donations through the Ann Arbor Community Foundation

  • Playground Equipment for Neighborhood Parks  $5,000-$50,000

  • Picnic Tables – $3,000-$6,000

  • Flower Planting (Includes Maintenance by Donor) – $50-$150​​