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​​​​​​​If you are a​ group or individual interested in adopting one of your local city parks, consider one of the parks below! We are actively seeking park adopters for these parks and projects. You may adopt the entire park or commit to caring for one area or project. Reach out to the Adopt-a-Park Coordinator if you think one of these opportunities would be a good match! 

If these parks do not fit your interest or availability, you can work with the Adopt-a-Park Coordinator to find a park that works for you and would create a great partnership. There are many City of Ann Arbor parks that would benefit from additional stewardship and beautification. 

​If you are a park neighbor or neighborhood association, contact us to find out if there are active volunteers in your nearby park!​

*Adopt-a-Park is a seasonal program within GIVE 365 and is open March-November. ​Please email with inquiries during these months. ​

Cloverdale Park​

​We are looking for an individual volunteer, park neighbor or a small volunteer group to take over the care of a great native garden area in the middle of the park. The garden area is full of wonderful native plants such as goldenrod and New England aster! This would be a great project for a person or group who has experience working with native plant species, since there is a wide variety, or if there is interest in learning more about them and gaining experience. ​​


​Gallup Park

Gallup​ is the most popular city park and for good reason! It's a wonderful park along the Huron River and has a huge array of amenities including a boat rental livery, three playgrounds and a fishing pond. All of these amenities mean that keeping the park beautiful is an enormous effort. We have several lovely park adopters working on various projects in the park, but we're looking for more!

We are seeking a volunteer group to help cut back overgrown vegetation around the river including honeysuckle and buckthorn. The focus would be on creating views in front of memorial benches and cutting back these shrubs on the park's two accessible islands.


Huron Highlands Park

​Huron Highlands is a small neighborhood park in the north side of Ann Arbor, near Pontaic Tr. It features a playground, two garden beds and several fruit trees. This park needs a regular volunteer group or individual to keep up on weeding and pruning the garden beds, mulching and weeding the playground. Knowledge of or interest in caring for fruiting trees is a plus! 

This park would be a great volunteer opportunity for a community group or local business to help with upkeep two or three times per year. If you are a neighbor of Huron Highlands Park and are interested in engaging your fellow neighbors or volunteering as an individual park adopter, let us know!


Redwood ​​Park

Redwood is a lovely little park located on the southeast side of town off Platt Rd. It features a large garden encircled by a paved path and bench. The garden contains native plant species such as goldenrod, wild ginger, black-eyed susan, wild strawberry and cut-leaf coneflower. We all know gardens need a lot of attention to keep the weeds at bay and keep everything looking beautiful! We are seeking volunteers to help us hand-pull weeds like bindweed, Canada thistle and mugwort. Other tasks in the garden would include cutting back shrubs, spreading woodchips and planting more perennial flowers.

Any individual or volunteer group is welcome! We would also be thrilled to partner with more park neighbors who already enjoy the park and would like to take a more active role in helping with care.