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Are you interested in making an impact at your local city park?

The Adopt-a-Park volunteer program promotes long-term partnerships between residents and city government to maintain and beautify our parks. Park adopters can be individuals, neighborhood associations, community groups, school clubs and local businesses. Park adopters work with the Adopt-a-Park Coordinator to develop expectations, create a workplan and schedule workdays. We work with you to create a plan that works with your interests and level of commitment! We provide support, technical expertise and coordination with City of Ann Arbor services and resources. We can also provide necessary supplies and help make pre-approved plant purchases.

Adopt-a-Park is a part of the GIVE 365 Volunteer & Outreach Program. If you are looking for a one-time volunteer opportunity for you, your coworkers, or your community group, check out the GIV​E 365 page!

​​Who ca​n adopt a​​ park?

​​​​Neighborhood associations

​​​Adopt-a-Park is a great way to unite neighbors to help maintain and beautify their nearby park. The Adopt-a-Park Coordinator can help organize a spring or fall workday to clean-up the park and get more people involved.  By volunteering together at their local park, neighbors can advocate for park improvements while getting to know each other and having fun! Adopt-a-Park can provide supplies and facilitation from staff. We can also assist with advertising the workday and getting the word out to your neighbors.


​​I​f you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer outdoors, Adopt-a-Park might be a perfect match for you! Projects that are great for individual park adopters include tending to gardens and landscaping, removing invasive vegetation and keeping a general eye on the park. You can adopt your neighborhood park as an individual or work with the Adopt-a-Park Coordinator to find a park that fits your interests. If your adopted park or project ends up needing more helping hands, we can help recruit neighbors or additional volunteers. 


School clubs, community groups or local businesses are great Adopt-a-Park volunteers! Your group commits to volunteering together at the same park throughout the year. Park workdays can take place twice per year, once per month or more often depending on the park needs.​ These group workdays can be facilitated by staff with all supplies provided.  If your group or business would like to take a more active role in caring for a city park or garden bed, you may work on a pre-approved project on your own time as needed.

What types of projects d​​​o park adopters work on?

You will work with the Adopt-a-Park Coordinator to create a plan customized for you and your park. Typical projects include maintaining gardens, removing litter, mulching trees, spreading woodchips on playgrounds, weeding and removing invasive vegetation. You or your group may help maintain the entire park or commit to caring for one aspect (such as a flowerbed). We work together to coordinate projects that align with your interests and the park needs.

​What are the ex​​pectations?

Please review our Adopt-a-Park Expectations (PDF 161KB) to learn about the policies that must be followed by each Adopt-a-Park volunteer.

What is the time​​​ commitment?

The time that one commits to their adopted park is very flexible. Some neighborhood associations hold one annual event in their nearby park, while some local businesses have monthly workdays at their adopted park.  Generally, an Adopt-a-Park event lasts two to three hours depending on the project. Adopt-a-Park volunteers can also work on pre-approved projects at their own leisure. Park adopters are expected to commit to their park for at least one year and are encouraged to return year after year.

How much​​ does ​​it cost?

It's free! We can provide all necessary supplies, such as plants and tools.  Alternatively, you or your group can make a tax-deductible donation towards materials such as plants, mulch or larger projects. The Adopt-a-Park Coordinator can also work with you to receive reimbursement for pre-approved materials. ​

​​How to get invo​lved​

​If you are interested in adopting a park as an individual, as a neighborhood or with your group, contact the Adopt-a-Park Coordinator​ at [email protected] or 734.794.6445 between March and November.

Please include pertinent details such as what level of commitment you are interested in, how often you expect to work in your adopted park, how many individuals would participate and any park project ideas you may have!

If you are a park neighbor, contact us to find out if there are active Adopt-a-Park volunteers at your nearby park!