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What is Ado​​pt-A-Park?

Adopt-A-Park, a seasonal program within GIVE 365, is a collaborative effort between Ann Arbor residents and city government to improve and maintain our parks.  Neighbors and community groups volunteer their time to improve their chosen park. Adopters can work on a variety of projects including planting and maintaining flower beds; cleaning up litter; painting and caring for park structures; planting, mulching, and watering trees; and generally making sure the park is in order. You will work with the Adopt-A-Park Coordinator to create a plan customized for you and your park. We provide moral support, technical expertise, and coordination with City of Ann Arbor services; we can also provide publicity, planting materials, and tools. This program is staffed March-November.

​​What is the time commitment?

The time commitment is completely up to you.  Some park adopters hold one annual event in the spring, while others have various events throughout the year.  Generally, an Adopt-A-Park event lasts two to three hours depending on the project. Park adopters can also work individually, at their own leisure.

How much​​ does it cost?

It's free! We can provide all the necessary supplies, such as plants and tools.  Alternatively, you can make a tax-deductible donation or receive reimbursement for pre-approved materials. 

What type of events do Park Adopters hold?

Typical events include planting flowers, removing trash, placing woodchips around trees, and mulching flowerbeds.  Other possibilities include removal of invasive shrubs and weeds, planting trees, or installing a rain garden. The only limits to the list of activities you can choose from are the park's needs and your interests. ​​

  dad and small child at Wellington workday group at Wellington work day
The first Adopt-A-Park workday was at Wellington Park - what a great neighborhood!!!

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