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​​​​​The Special Services section covers a variety of specialized services provided by Ann Arbor Police Department. In also includes events such as the Ann Arbor Art Fair, University of Michigan stadium/sports events and dignitary visits.​

Anima​​​l Control

Animal Control - Dogs must be secured by a leash held by their owner or attendant while walking or, while on premises, secured by a leash which is attached to a stationary object and attended by an owner.  To request removal of a dead animal from public property, call Washtenaw Metro Dispatch at 734.994.2911.

Community Stan​​dards Enforcement

The community standards enforcement unit of the Ann Arbor Police Department serves an integral role in maintaining the quality of life in Ann Arbor. This unit has primary responsibility to enforce the city codes and ordinances that protect the public health, welfare and safety of the residents; including the enforcement of parking violations, grass cutting, snow/ice removal and much more.

Pistol Licens​es

Pistol licenses to purchase (LTP) can be completed with the AAPD. If you are buying a handgun from someone with a federal firearms license (FFL), including a retail store, a license to purchase is not necessary to obtain prior to your purchase. If you are obtaining a pistol from a private individual who does not have an FFL, you will be required to get a license to purchase prior to obtaining the pistol; however, you may obtain the license to purchase from any police agency in Michigan, not just the police agency for where you reside.

Special Events

Sgt. Vainner works closely with City Hall, the University of Michigan Athletic and Police departments, and many smaller groups coordinating special events.  These events are as small as 5K runs, and as large as a UM vs. MSU football game.  Sgt. Vainner also works closely with federal law enforcement when any dignitaries visit Ann Arbor.   ​

Taxi, Limousine and Trans​​portation Network Licensing

Taxicab drivers are required to be licensed. For further information, visit the State of Michigan Departme​nt of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.​​