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​​​The community standards unit of the Ann Arbor Police Department serves an integral role in maintaining the quality of life in Ann Arbor. This unit has primary responsibility to enforce the city codes and ordinances that protect the public health, welfare and safety of the residents. All complaints remain confidential and will be handled in a professional and courteous manner.​

Copies of these city ordinances may be obtained by contacting the city clerk's office at 734.794.6140 or online at Ann Arbor Code of Ordinances.

To file a parking complaint, please contact dispatch at 734.994.2911 when the violation is occurring, as parking complaints are time sensitive. 

To file a community standards complaint, please call 734.794.6942, or please use the Report a Problem page or the A2 Fix It App.

Visit the  animal control page for complaints relating to domestic animals and wildlife.​​​​

The Comm​unity Standards unit will enforce the following: 

S​​​​olid wa​st​​e

  • ​Improperly stored solid waste containers. 

  • Solid waste containers stored on public property.

  • Containers placed on the curb 24 hours before collection day.

  • Containers left on the curb 12 hours after collection day. 

  • Refuse receptacles for sidewalk cafes and vendors. 

  • Refuse receptacles for solicitors and peddlers. 


  • Grass on private property in excess of 12 inches. 

  • Grass on lawn extensions in excess of 12 inches and other ground cover vegetation in an average height of 36 inches. 

  • Trees and other vegetation intruding upon the public right of way. 

  • Trees and other vegetation on public property creating sight hazards at intersections.

Vehicles and ​​p​arking

  • Vehicles parking in the yard. ​

  • Inoperative and unregistered vehicles on private property. 

  • Parking of trailers, boats, campers, and similar vehicles in residential zones. 

  • Parking of commercially licensed vehicles in residential zones. 

  • Parking violations as listed under Chapter 126 of the city code. 

Right-of-way​​​​ issues


  • ​Solicitors and peddlers properly displaying their license. 

  • Soliciting on public and private property. 

  • Sidewalk and alley litter and debris adjacent to businesses within the city. Posted notices and handbills. 

  • Excessive accumulation of newspapers on private property. 

  • Trash accumulation on private property. 

  • Abandoned refrigerators. ​​​