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​Un​​​if​​orm Patrol

The uniformed patrol section is responsible for 24/7 emergency and nonemergency response throughout the city of Ann Arbor. Officers are deployed on 12-hour shifts and are assigned to one of four geographical areas of the city. The patrol section is responsible for the enforcement of the criminal law, traffic law, and local ordinances.  In total, there are over 60 officers and 11 sergeants assigned to patrol. 

A/Lt. Andrew Janette, [email protected] runs the day-to-day operations on the day shift and Lt. Brandon Knobelsdorf, [email protected] runs the day-to-day operations on the night shift.​​


The AAPD currently has two police service dogs (PSD) in service. These teams are led by Officer Gregory Bergland (K-9 Roscoe) and Officer Thomas Burnette (K-9 Stang).  Their assigned specially trained canines use their keen odor-discrimination ability to assist the police department in many tasks. PSDs are used to track criminal suspects from crime scenes, search buildings and other areas for hidden suspects, locate evidence or drugs and search for lost or missing persons.

SWAT/CNT Te​​ams

The AAPD is a participating agency in the Washtenaw Metro SWAT and CNT teams.  These are collaborative teams that have been formed with other law enforcement agencies in Washtenaw County.  Members of these units have received advanced training in special weapons and tactics (SWAT) and crisis negotiations (CNT).  These teams are typically activated when there are tactical or negotiation needs that exceed the capabilities of an agency's normal resources.  ​​