South State Street Corridor Plan (2012-2013)

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Recognizing growing development interest in the South State Street corridor south of Central Campus, the Planning Commission initiated a corridor master planning effort in 2012.   The South State Street Corridor Plan was adopted as an amendment to the City Master Plan in 2013.  The Plan addresses current and future land uses, zoning alternatives, transportation options,  and infrastructure improvements to guide future development in a desirable and sustainable manner.  


The South State Street Corridor from Stimson Street to West Ellsworth Road is a major employment center and retail destination. It is a high-activity area that is primarily automobile-oriented, and connects I-94 to the downtown. Development since the 1950's has shaped South State Street to be Ann A​rbor's primary office, research, and light industrial corridor. Influential properties include the University of Michigan, Briarwood Mall, Research Park, and Hidden Valley Club apartments.

No previous corridor studies have focused on South State Street. However, several current plans include the corridor in their studies and recommendations. This study includes past planning efforts from documents such as the City of Ann Arbor Master Plan: Land Use Element (2009), the Briarwood Subarea Plan (1995), University of Michigan, South Campus Plan (2005), and the City of Ann Arbor Transportation Plan (2009), Non-Motorized Plan (2007), and Capital Improvements Plan (2011).

Because of the concentration of high-activity uses, proximity to downtown and the highway, and lack of conflicting land uses, the South State Street Corridor is poised for future growth and redevelopment. Planning efforts from the City will look for opportunities to improve transportation, land use, and the natural environment in order to foster thoughtful and sustainable growth.  

Informational Meetings

Public Input Session- May 23, 2012

The City hosted a public input session on Wednesday, May 23 from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at the Malletts Creek Library (3090 E. Eisenhower Parkway). The session included a presentation from city planners followed by small group brainstorming and feedback. The session helped identify issues, visions, and priorities for the So​uth State Street corridor and will help guide recommendations to Planning Commission.




Public Input Session- July 25, 2012

A second public input session took place on Wednesday, July 25 from 6:30-8:00 the Sheraton Ann Arbor Hotel (3200 Boardwalk Drive). The session included a summary of public comment to date and discussion of draft land use, transportation, and aesthetic recommendations for the corridor. Attendees were asked to review draft recommendations and provide feedback on aerial maps and handouts. The session will help revise and finalize recommendations to Planning Commission.