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City Council asked Planning Commission to create a new zoning district for transit corridors, and asked for recommendations on which areas in the city may​ be appropriate for the new district in Resolution R-20-439 (approved November 16, 2020).  The new district, TC1 (Transit Corridor), was adopted by  Ordinance no. ORD-21-19 (approved 7/6/21, effective 7/25/21). The first area to be rezoned was in the South State and East/West Eisenhower area, approved in April 2022. Now, the North/South Maple Road and West Stadium Boulevard area is being evaluated for rezoning to TC1. 

​The North Maple-West Stadium rezoning study area is:  

Area Map Tiny.png​​

​​About the TC1 District: The TC1 (Transit Corridor) district is intended along existing transit corridors with regular fixed service provi​​ded by AAATA primarily on established commercial and office sites. It was created to facilitate, encourage, and support redevelopment and infill development to realize mixed use projects and achieve affordable housing, enable more housing choices, more sustainable forms of development, with reduced resource and energy needs. ​

​Upcoming Pu​​blic M​​​eetings

Monday, October 3, 2022, 7:00pm, City Council First Reading - The City Council will hear a first reading of an ordinance to amend the Zoning Map of the Unified Development Code (Chapter 55 of the Code of the City of Ann Arbor) to rezone 190 parcels in the West Stadium Boulevard and North/South Maple Road area  to TC1 (Transit Corridor) district.  

This meeting will be held in Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, of City Hall, 301 East Huron Street as well as broadcast, streamed, and on Zoom​.  If passed at first reading, then a second reading and public hearing will be scheduled.   

Addresses proposed for rezoning include:  

2260 Abbot Ave
514 Burwood Ave
109-317 Collingwood Dr
2001-2050 Commerce Dr
2324-2550 Dexter Rd
1917-2040 Federal Blvd
2207-2891 Jackson Ave
2150-2610 W Liberty St
155 –243 N Maple Rd
300-775 S Maple Rd
1900-1915 Pauline Blvd
1785-2550 W Stadium
2390-2394 Winewood Ave ​

Past Meetin​​g​s & Materials

Communications - 58 communications to staff or Planning Commission have been received to-date (9/27/22) and have been included in various meeting packets. Most have been combined into a single document for easier downloading and reading: 

Planning Commission Meeting with Public Hearing August 16, 2022

Ordinance Revisions Committee Meeting June 28, 2022

Community Meetings June 9 and June 14, 2022​

Ordinance Revisions Committee Me​eting April 26, 2022 

Ordinance Revisions Committee Meeting March 22, 2022