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​​Project Limits

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Project Manager
Michael Nearing​
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​​March 31, 2020 project update

We regret to announce that due to higher than anticipated costs, the Edgewood-​Snyder project will be delayed until 2023.

Over the last several months, as staff examined the preliminary design alternatives, it was discovered that costs were going to be far more than originally estimated. During the public engagement meetings in which the various alternatives and their costs were shared with the public, we remained hopeful that the project could still be implemented within the planned time frame. These higher costs would mean that the project would expend more than the available stormwater funds for the next several fiscal years. Consequently, it has been decided that this project will be delayed until fiscal year 2023 at which time final design will resume.  We then anticipate the start of construction would begin in the fall of 2024 at the conclusion of the University of Michigan Home Football season.

The city remains committed to completing this important project.  This was a difficult decision, but necessary in order to ensure the long-term financial health of the city's stormwater system.  By making this choice now, we are pro-actively taking steps to ensure that we can continue to provide the services and build the types of projects that Ann Arbor residents expect and deserve.  ​

Why is this project being considered?​

The neighborhood surrounding the Snyder and Edgewood Avenues intersection has experienced significant flooding during past rains.  The intersection is a low point in the area and most stormwater from north and west of the intersection flows to this area. 

The City completed a previous stormwater modeling and analysis which provided potential alternatives to mitigate flooding in the project area. 

The City has retained Northwest Consultants, Inc. (NCI) to quantify the flooding issues that occur along Snyder Avenue, propose implementable options for the mitigation of this flooding and rank the availability of options on the basis of practicality, constructability and cost of implementation.  ​

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Next steps

During the project, the NCI Team will review previous study results and perform further analysis for the purpose of identifying and designing improvements that​ can reduce the flooding area and reduce impacts on the downstream stormwater system and area.

Project tasks include:

  • Neighborhood Walkthrough and Resident Survey
  • Public Meetings - disseminate updates and gather feedback
  • Topographic Survey and Right-of-way Establishment
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Utility Coordination
  • Hydraulic Analysis and Modeling
  • Preparation of 30% Preliminary Plans with recommendations​

Documents & Materials

Alternative N​o. 8, Downstream Storage - Pioneer Basin​ (PDF)

November 6, 2019 Public Meeting

May 1, 2019 Public Meeting

February 28, 2019 Public Meeting

February 28, 2019 Public Meeting