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Project Limits

State and Hill Streets are in the heart of Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan campus. This bustling area has high levels of vehicular, ​pedestrian, and cycling traffic.

The City of Ann Arbor is undertaking the design and construction of crosswalk and safety improvements, road resurfacing, and water ​main upgrades on St​ate Street from South University to Granger and on Hill Street from South Fifth Avenue to Church Street. The design process began in early 2022 and construction is expected to occur in 2023 and 2024.​

Project Manager
Theresa Bridges, P.E.
[email protected]
​734.794.6410 ext. 43672

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State Street Construction

June 1 - Sept. 1​​​, 2023

Hill Street Construction in 3 Phases

Approximate start April 15 , 2024

​​Approximate completion Aug. 16, 2024

Hill Street 2024

April - June: Phase 4 includes water main and sanitary sewer between Fifth and State; and storm sewer, signal work, and paving from Packard to State St.; 

June - July: Phase 5 includes storm sewer, signal work, and paving from Fifth to Packard;

July - August: Phase 6 includes storm sewer and paving from State to Church.

Why is this project being done?

​​Key goals and alignments for this project include the following:​

  • Implement safety improvements for all users of the roadway, consistent with the Moving Together Transportation Master Plan and the city's Vision Zero policy to eliminate transportation related fatalities and serious injuries.

  • Assess and implement active transportation (i.e. walking and biking) facilities along the corridor. (Implementation of Tree​line Trail Master Plan has been deemed infeasible within the scope of the project.)

  • Be responsive to the surrounding land use context, including businesses, residential areas, University of Michigan facilities, students, and event traffic.

This project will make the roadway safer, more comfortable, and more accessible for all users, while also improving utilities and roadway conditions.​

Cost & Funding Source

The project utilizes a conglomeration of funding sources for the improvements, including the Surface Transportation Program and Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) federal grants. The project abuts similar recent infrastructure improvements completed for the City and DDA.

Documents & Materials

Final Plans

April 26, 2022 Meeting

September 27, 2022 Meeting

October 19, 2022 Meeting