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Project Limits

State and Hill Streets are in the heart of Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan campus. This bustling area has high levels of vehicular, ​pedestrian, and cycling traffic.

The City of Ann Arbor is undertaking the design and construction of crosswalk and safety improvements, road resurfacing, and water ​main upgrades on St​ate Street from South University to Granger and on Hill Street from South Fifth Avenue to Church Street. The design process began in early 2022 and construction is expected to occur in 2023 and 2024.​

Project Manager
Theresa Bridges, P.E.
[email protected]
​734.794.6410 ext. 43672

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Current work - updated June 6, 2024

The Hill Street phases of the State and Hill Streets Improvements Project has been underway since March, 2024. The project includes utility, road, signals and sidewalk improvements.​

General Information​
Normal work hours are 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. Monday thru Saturday. Contractor operations beyond those hours, or on Sunday, would only be allowed if critical work needs to be completed.

The construction generates dust and noise, as well as inconveniences so we appreciate everyone's patience and cooperation during the project.

For any on site questions, please contact Erik Rehkop at 231.580.9663 or Brian Schert at 313.363.6150. 

Schedule and Phasing
This year, the construction will be on Hill Street from Fifth to Church, in varying segments as Phases 4-6, from March through August.

  • Phase 4 (Hill Street Utility Work and Partial Restoration) March 4-June 17: end date may vary slightly as we near completion.
    Hill Street, S. Fifth Avenue to S. State Street closed. The Division, Sybil, and Packard intersections with Hill will be closed. Only southbound traffic on State Street will be maintained through Hill. On Division, between Hill and John, and on Sybil, between, Hill and Benjamin, parking will be restricted and two-way traffic will be permitted.
    During this phase, Packard to State will be restored with curb, pavement, and temporary pavement markings. 

  • Phase 5 (Hill Street Utility and Complete Restoration) June 18-July 3: Hill Street, South Fifth Avenue to Packard Street closed. The Division and Sybil intersections with Hill will be closed. On Division, between Hill and John, and on Sybil, between, Hill and Benjamin, parking will be restricted and two-way traffic will be permitted.
    During this phase, upon completion of remaining utility installation, Fifth to Packard will be restored  with curb and pavement, and permanent pavement markings will be installed from Fifth to State.

  • Phase 6 (Hill Street Resurfacing) July 22-August 16: Hill Street, State to Church will be one-way with eastbound traffic maintained.
    This phase is primarily for resurfacing from State Street to Church Street, which includes some curb and sidewalk, pavement, and pavement markings.

Water main construction is complete.

Access and Typical Services

Local access for ​vehicles and pedestrians will be maintained. Contact onsite workers if your destination appears inaccessible. Access to driveways will be maintained except for brief periods when the construction work (e.g. excavation) is in the immediate vicinity of the driveway. The contractor is expected to provide appropriate notification.

During the pavement construction there will be unavoidable disruptions to street and driveway access; properties will be notified of expected time and duration of inaccessibility. Depending on the ambient temperature, concrete can take 2-3 days to cure and asphalt takes several hours to cool. Commercial driveways can be completed in half-widths to maintain access if another means of access is unavailable. The contractor will coordinate these interruptions with the property users.

Trash and recycle collection, emergency vehicle access, and mail/shipping deliveries will be maintained throughout the project.

Deliveries using semi-trailers
Deliveries will be accommodated within the vicinity of the businesses to every extent practicable, but the traffic control may affect typical routes and unloading locations used by larger delivery vehicles. We request that scheduled deliveries of this nature be coordinated with the Project Manager or on-site staff to ensure that needs are met.​​

Costs and funding sources

The project utilizes a conglomeration o​f funding sources for the improvements, including the Surface Transportation Program and Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) federal grants. The project abuts similar recent infrastructure improvements completed for the City and DDA.

Documents & Materials

Final Plans

April 26, 2022 Meeting

September 27, 2022 Meeting

October 19, 2022 Meeting